“I’m only after success.”
~ Marina and the Diamonds – Oh no!

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Usually plays/musicals get cast at the beginning of the month, but in my head, with them doing Rocky Horror the 1st – the 4th the class did a side-project in-between the musicals [like a poster-board project on their favorite actor/performer] and dealing with auditions and what have you for all the different parts, so its only on the 16th of November that they’re done with the casting and starting to get everything ready. 
Again, I do know this is late – but I’ve been rather stressed with things cause of moving situations, but I know you sweethearts will understand :3

Also, if I’m too harsh with the way some people talk, just tell me and I’ll change it :3
{Song for the set} Marina and the Diamonds – Oh no! 
~ Elphie, age 15 – Hogwarts/Drama & Chorus Classroom/Manor; November 16th ~
Casting day was the height of anxiety for all of the students of Hogwarts’ drama class. What had resulted from their hard work and their many auditions would be made evident by one thin slip of paper posted on the bulletin board in front of drama and chorus classroom that Friday at lunch; dividing those filled with joy and those finding out they would be schlepping their way through yet another production that they wanted little to do with. For several girls in particular, casting day this time around was no less than a real-life version of the Hunger Games; except with the actual murdering of each other and massive amounts of blood and starvation. 

Glinda and Elphie had not exactly been the sweetest in their passing’s by Jasmine that morning, nor had they been particularly thrilled having to see her in the Great Hall for breakfast either. Admittedly, Glinda was at the least, a tiny bit sweeter than Elphie was, but both had an eager wanting to finally beat Jasmine at her own game and have it announced they had rightfully received the roles they were almost quite literally born to play. It was a bit or irony that the girls had wanted to play each other’s title roles, for Elphaba to play the chipper and glimmering Glinda and for Glinda to play the rather bitter soon-to-be Wicked Witch of the West, but that was what acting was all about; and it would have been something they would be doing together. If fate was even kinder, their own lovely Pruitt Undergrove would be their somewhat-foolish but honorable Fiyero to round out the main cast. 

They had run through their lines as many times as they could have with Bane – once a Fiyero himself – and knew all of the songs by heart from the many times they each had heard them and sung themselves when they were little. It had been a fool-proof plan and an even better idea. Elphie claimed she would scream if they were cast anything lower than leads. Luckily Glinda got Elphie to relent the slightest bit in accepting that, if anyone besides the reigning Napoleon of Drama managed to snag one of the roles of the infamous Oz witches, she would find it in her soul not to throttle whoever had beat them or Whisper for not casting them. Although, on Elphie’s part, there would be a lot of sulking and bouts of civil disobedience that Glinda could only theorize was going to end Elphie in detention. 

Little miss Gryffin and her bubbly best pal couldn’t loose. It /was/ going to be them, there was no accepting defeat. All they had to do was weight until lunch to find out the truth. 

Time moved by rather slowly, each minute feeling as long as the hours as school dragged on and on. Glinda had braided and re-braided Elphie’s hair a half-dozen times throughout the hours between noon with shaky nerves and shaky hands in their massive amount of anticipation. The professors had nothing truly interesting to distract their thoughts, but a cheery comment of hope for their success from Gramps Cullen and a wink from dear Grams made them all the more antsy to see such a stupidly insignificant piece of bleached parchment that would decided how they would spend quite a bit of their time for the next nearly two months. And when it came time, when the bell rang for lunch, Glinda and Elphie had never sped out of their fifth-year class faster; ignoring their starving stomachs to race all the way down to the first-floor narrow band, drama and chorus hall to, at last, see what they had wanted to right before their eyes. 

Heels clicking against the stone floors and down the moving staircases, neither Glinda nor Elphie could help but smile. This was it – it had to be; they had to be. Both had nearly knocked over a few people, and their feet were killing them in their shoes, yet they shoved aside their distractions to make it to their destination. “We’re gonna get it! We’re gonna get it!” Glinda called out in a sing song voice.

“There it is!” Elphie chimed in. 

Everything came crashing down in a split second, their hopes and their cheery attitudes, the moment their eyes set on the first name under the word ‘cast’. 

“I…I didn’t get it.” Glinda’s voice was small, light – but not in the way of being quiet for the benefit of others. 

“I didn’t get it either.” Elphie mumbled out, seeing the name directly under the previous. But as quickly as she had grown quiet, a spark of anger filled up her tiny body, forcing her to dig her fingers into the paper and rip it from the wall.

“Ephie!” Glinda squeaked. “The others need to see that.” 

Throwing the ball of wadded paper into the air, Elphie sent a tiny spark from the tip of her wand – such a spark like her anger – towards it and set it aflame, letting it hit the ground and burn away into ash. “What? So they can get depressed like /us/.” The elder of the girls seethed. “How could Whisper do that to /us/? Sunny mildly irritates me, but /Jasmine/ - what was Whisper smoking!” The Slytherin girl snapped. 

Glinda put a hand over Elphie’s mouth. “Ephie, /hush/. You don’t need to speak that way about a professor.” Yet her sentiment wasn’t terribly sincere. Glinda had her own thoughts about what had got into Whisper’s head that didn’t make young Ms. Adler believe that the choices that had been made were made with terribly sound judgment. 

Moving the Hufflepuff’s hand away from her face with a surprisingly gentle shove-off, the girl with the navy-blue eyes narrowed them. “I’m not the only one that’s going to think that. I would’ve taken Arwen for Glinda or Elphaba, but not /those/ two.”

The younger girl folded her arms. “I don’t see why you hate Sunny. She’s perfectly sweet to me and everyone else.”

“I don’t /hate/ her,” The Slytherin girl held up her hands to use air quotes with a roll of her eyes. “there’s only so much /perky/ I can handle, and /you/ and some from Ava is all the /perky/ I can handle from time to time.”

A scoff forced its way out of Glinda. “Violet and Ember are pretty perky.” 

“No, Violet’s mental like Great Aunt Normandy is, and Ember’s not that far off. /That’s/ not perky.” As angry as she was, Elphie couldn’t help but smile a small smile at her own comment. 

Glinda’s face copied the smile and she shook her head. “I’ve noticed that you may be Auntie Imie’s /daughter/, but you sure have your papa’s mouth.”

“And his sense of revenge, don’t forget that.”

“Oh lord,” the Hufflepuff mumbled. “What exactly do you plan to do to Jasmine?” 

“Depends on what will get me in the least amount of trouble but will quench my third for /blood/.” Elphie grumbled, folding her arms. 

Hearing a set of heels clicking their way towards them, both girls turned to see the fore-mentioned elder Hogwarts student, the daughter of Hogwarts’ Spanish teacher and Glinda’s own housemate, Arwen Rossi. In approaching them, she had a wide, beautiful smile across her face, but in seeing them standing there with mildly sullen expressions, Arwen’s smile disappeared faster than if someone had wiped it from her face. “oh, Dios mío, please tell me that yoo not looking like yoo do cause /I/ got cast…”

Despite her attempts to mentally remind herself that it was /only a school play/, Glinda walked closer to Elphie and wrapped her arms around one of her best friends and shook her head at Arwen. “Sunny and Jasmine got the lead roles.” The girls sighed as Elphie patted Glinda’s arm with her left hand. 

“¡Qué!” Arwen growled. “Esa pequeña perra consiguió el papel - después de todo mi trabajo duro! ¿Qué es eso de fumar profesor!” [That little b!tch got the role - after all of my hard work! What is that professor smoking!] 

“Did you understand anything she just said…” Glinda whispered, audible enough through Arwen’s start of her ranting to be heard as close as she was to Elphie’s ear. 

The shortest girl narrowed her eyes as she watched Arwen pace back and forth slightly, continuing to ramble off in her flawless, native Spanish. “I know she said b!tch and professor…”

“¿Por qué ninguno de nosotros molestar a audicionar para los musicales escolares si Jasmine se va a poner todos los papeles principales? Todos los profesores seguir lanzando ella! ¿Por qué siguen echando ella!” [Why do any of us bother auditioning for the school musicals if Jasmine is going to get all of the lead roles? All the professors keep casting her! Why do they keep casting her!] Arwen rambled on. 

And yet another pair of heels accompanied by a pair of soft footsteps echoed down the hall as Sunny and Pruitt headed towards them. The seventh-year Hufflepuff stopped in her pacing and narrowed her eyes at Sunny, but there was a lack of harshness that was all centered on a girl that wasn’t there, instead of the one that stood before her. 

“Oh, ce ne sont pas bonnes. Je pense que Jasmine s'est jeté comme la sorcière plomb...” [Oh, this doesn't look good. I think Jasmine got cast as the lead witch...] Sunny, as tall as she was – especially with her heels strapped to her feet – hid behind Pruitt, never once letting her eye contact leave Arwens; it was no less than a gazelle keeping their sights on a hungry lion for their own safty. 

“Eh bien, vous avez raison de penser cela.” [Well, you are right to think that.] Glinda replied to Sunny. 

“Who got Glinda then?” Pruitt, too, watched Arwen with watchful eyes, but after a few seconds of looking at them, Arwen shrunk down into a near-by chair that was against the wall in the hallway. 

“Sunny did.” Elphie muttered under her breath.

A sudden deep-red flush came to Sunny’s cheeks and she squeaked. “Mais je ne veux pas être Glinda! Je ne peux pas chanter ça bien! Je peux modeler très bien, mais en me faisant souvenir de toutes ces lignes et les paroles - vous pourriez tout aussi bien me tuer! Je ne peux pas le faire! Je ne auditionné parce que je pensais Pruitt et Glinda-fille allait être dans les comédies musicales! Je pourrais être un gros bill haut!” [But i don't want to be Glinda! I can't sing that well! I can model just fine, but making me remember all those lines and lyrics - you might as well just shoot me! I can't do it! I only auditioned because I thought Pruitt and Glinda-girl was going to be in the musicals! I could be a tall munchkin!] Words were spilling out of the tall, elegant blonde’s mouth faster than she could think other than simply respond. 

“The only one /properly/ cast was /you/, Pru.” Elphie spoke allowed, never-minding Sunny’s babbling. “You want to know what part /I/ got? Nessarose. Nessarose! I could stand the part if /Glinda/ was actually the ‘Witch of the West, but /Jasmine/. Kill me. Now. I won’t stand for it.”

“What exactly do /you/ plan to do?” Arwen asked, her voice fluttering from behind Elphie and Glinda.

“Not /me/ - we. /We’re/ not gonna take it. And we’re going to let all of them know /we’re/ not gonna take it /today/.” Elphie spoke clearly and definitely, tilting her head just so to meet Glinda’s eyes with an deep wickedness in her eyes. 

Pruitt gazed at Elphie’s face with slight worry. “Yes, but…what are you /going/ to do?”

“When it comes time, it’ll be best if you follow my lead…” the navy-eyed girl may have resembled her mother and grandmother in many ways, but the lips upon her face could have only been from the handsome Slytherin alumni with eyes so grey that they appeared silver in the light and had such a devious killer smile that it still made teenage girls blush; on his middle-daughter however, those lips and that devious smile could only spell out one thing. Trouble. 

Unlike before, the time between lunch and the final class of the day had not moved slow enough. The four fifth-years had gone to their classes as if nothing had been wrong, and three of them were rather eager to hear what exactly was brewing in the Slytherin girl’s head. Tales of what Corin himself had gotten into during his years at school were somewhat legendary among those in his old house, and it was why quite a few children in the supposedly ‘evil’ house at the school chose not to anger Elphie with comments on her heights or that she wasn’t exactly the thinnest girl they had ever seen; and that was beside the fear of her getting her grandmother to bring the hammer down on their house for anyone that had tried to torment her in any way. Elphie appeared rather apathetic with each class’s lesson, choosing to copy notes from some of her fellow classmates later – if she truly valued that particular class, that is – as the cogs turned in her head, preparing for each and every word that would leave her mouth in the same way that her own mother chose a calculated response for any question that came her way. 

There was the white-noise of chatter among the students as they had entered chorus that afternoon, and as more students flooded in and out when drama had finally reached them. Arwen still had that sour expression upon her face, and it only lightened a bit when she wiggled her way between some of the others to distance herself from the elder Slytherin girl that was causing many of them to seethe with anger. 

Of course Jasmine was somewhat smug and overjoyed as she sang out above the others, shadowing whatever amount of talent each and anyone had in that class with her own. It was not to be denied that, yes, Jasmine was talented; but everyone else thought she had well-worn out their patience with being every drama professor’s golden star. As far as quite a few of them thought, it was about time that the golden star were to become a fallen one, and crash harshly to the ground. 

Whisper appeared rather cheery herself as she stood up in front of the class, replacing Glinda’s own surrogate mother Evangeline and her co-teacher Danai Jones – one both of whom had excited moments before. There had been a crowd near the door minutes before for all but a select few to clamor over each other to see the brand-new print-out that had replaced the one that had mysteriously disappeared. It was difficult to read Elphie’s expression; she appeared neither thrilled, nor angry, but rather as if nothing of what was going around her affected her remotely. Such a face kept Glinda from repeatedly poking one of her best friends to find out what exactly was going on, but Glinda had seen that face before; not only on Elphie’s father’s face, but on her mother’s, as well as Mina and Leo’s face too. 

Just as everyone was finally settling down in their chairs, preparing to let out a chorus of groans, Elphie Gryffin stood, making her way down the small row of steps lined with chairs to get to the door out of the classroom. “Elphaba?” Whisper called after her mildly confused. 

Elphie paused, putting a hand to her chest, adopting a subtle apologetic and shocked expression. “I’m sorry – I thought I was in the wrong room. This isn’t drama class – its clearly obsess over Jasmine-Grimm-hour.” There were a few gasps and a dozen pairs of wide eyes as some glanced between the young women and even to Jasmine herself. 

“Elphaba,” Whisper started, her brows subtly furrowing. “please take your seat, /and/ refrain from that tone.” 

For a moment, Elphie appeared to ponder the gentle command but she only folded her arms and shook her head. “I don’t think I will – because I’m right. /This/, isn’t a class. It’s a worship Jasmine Grimm time of day.”

Their brand-new drama professor attempted to repeat herself. “Elphaba- -” 

But Elphie, as she had stated to the others, wasn’t’ going to take it. “I understand that she’s /good/ - okay, I get it, but she’s /not/ Cosette and Elphaba and Mary Poppins and Sophie. I don’t know what goes on in the mind of a drama professor, but I know damn-well that its not what went through the head of the woman that was the /very/ first teacher of this class.” 

“Elphaba Gryffn, I will not have you speak to me that way – and I will not have you talk about one of your fellow classmates that way. Now sit down and correct your behavior before I’m forced to give you detention.” Whisper was growing more and more appauled by the way the young Slytherin was speaking; and it may have been from it being her first year of being a Hogwarts professor, but she was unsure of what exactly to do aside from threaten detention and wish for Elphie to back-down. 

The wicked grin on Elphie’s face got that much wider when Whisper repeated her deepening tone of chiding frustration. “Maybe she did, maybe she didn’t – but it wouldn’t have mattered either way. /She/ doesn’t have to do a damn thing and they’d just throw the lead roles at her like a tennis machine at a dog-park. Meanwhile each and /every/ drama teacher that’s ever laid eyes on her treats you like you’re a queen and the rest of us are peasants. /All/ of us do more work than her /ever/ have done combined, but /alas/ it doesn’t matter. They choose to make /her/ the lead, but make the rest of us feel like crap in the process.”

“I feel pretty de mierda [shitty] right now…” Arwen commended from the front row, not too far from where Elphie stood. 

“You still have two-more years here, Elphbaba. We can repeat the musicals and plays so /you/ can all have them to yourselves.” Whisper commented. 

“The only reason /anyone/ is going to get those lead roles is because you won’t have her bloody little mannequin to fill the slot.” Elphie spat. “No one in this damn school is going to want to see someone else in the roles /Jasmine/ already played. Hogwarts isn’t /Broadway/. If people would get their head out of their arses, you and Jasmine would realize that.” Taking a few steps closer to Jasmine, the elder of the two Slytherin girls scrunched down in her seat. “If your little sister would have gotten the role – I would have been a bit peeved, but at least it wouldn’t have been /you/. I would have been happy if Arwen got the role, or Isobel or /an-y-one/ except /you/.”

“Elphaba, stop.” Whisper commanded, her voice beginning to grow angry.

 “As long as /she’s/ here,” There was hate in Elphie’s navy eyes as she looked at Whisper, pointing an accusatory finger at the girl with the big-brown eyes, and her wicked smile temporarily hid behind a sneer and twisted, snarling lips. “don’t expect me to be in the same room as her for any measureable amount of time and for me not to scream my head off – and I know damn-well that I’m not the only one that thinks that too.”

Glinda was the first to stand and make her way to Elphie’s side. Whisper pulled back a little, looking to Glinda rather surprised. Arwen was the next to move, followed by Pruitt and Sunny was well. Others who had not even been aware of such a revolt followed suit as the others had, leaving almost half of the chairs in the room empty of behinds. 

“All of you are leaving because of my casting decision?” there was hurt on Whisper’s face, but Elphie held her ground.

“You’re probably going to cast Jasmine as Christine in Phantom of the Opera, aren’t you? The role my mother /slaved/ over when she was in school – the /very/ last musical that /my/ great grandmother worked on before she was killed. You’ve already given Jasmine one of the roles that /my/ mother named me after, and you cast the other with a girl that hates to read dialogue and sing as much as she hates being told to read allowed in class. So why not slap me across the face with /that/ too – like every other drama teacher?” Glinda could have been hearing things, but there was a hurt in Elphie’s own voice and what looked like her eyes beginning to water. “I don’t know about the rest of these people, but…don’t expect me back to this class ever again.” 

“Not even /next/ year?” Glinda whispered low enough for only Elphie to hear. 

“Not as long as someone that’s clearly obsessed with /Jasmine/ as her golden star is the teacher.” The Slytherin girl muttered under her breath. 

“Jasmine,” Pruitt sighed from Elphie’s other side. “It’s a production, and I know you try to remember that, but…its not a one-woman show. If someone screws up, not like it’s all on /you/. You got mad at all of us when we screwed up a song for Rocky Horror, and for all the shows /last/ year- -and /I/ can’t handle being told that ‘I keep screwing up’. We just all want our turn to be something else besides- -”

“A tool.” Arwen finished Pruitt’s words, folding her arms. “Yo trabajo mi culo por nada y estoy cansado de eso.” [I work my ass for nothing and I'm tired of it.] 

“And don’t you dare act like you’re as innocent as /Ava/ is, Jasmine.” Elphie continued on with her own personal rant. “If you’re so obsessed with your /craft/, then concern yourself with those other classes you’re in outside of school. No one that’s a casting agent can get anywhere /near/ this school, cause they’re /muggles/. But you know what,” Elphie raised her voice, glaring at her fellow Slytherin girl who was bubbling with anger but swelling with sadness “Я надеюсь, что вы получите ларингит.” [I hope you get laryngitis]

Neither Jasmine or Whisper could add to the fight, Elphie had already began marching her way out of the room and a few at a time followed her out. Taking a look at how hollow the classroom appeared to be now, Jasmine nearly fell back into her chair with a shaky breath. Did they hate her /that/ much to be defiant to Whisper? Did they hate her that much to band together and walk-out if she were to remain being cast? Elphie didn’t fully care at that moment what Jasmine was thinking or feeling; they had all felt enough disappointment and hope crushed for the hard work that had gone absolutely no-where to be anywhere near truly concerned for what Jasmine – a girl she could barely stand to be in the same room as – was feeling, being verbally ripped apart as she had been. 

Now freed of from an hour of schooling, most of those who had walked-out dispersed to various places. Glinda, Sunny and Pruitt had taken it upon themselves to go to work early, but Elphie wasn’t ready then to go off and have to make cakes and cookies at her beloved boss’s shop in Hogsmeade. Instead, she rather leisurely made her way past many of the shops and restaurants, singing Dream A Little Dream to herself – not caring if any soul could hear her voice, but it was out of a mild form of defiance in refusing to stay quiet. Her voice carried, echoing off of the relatively empty square between the blacksmith’s shop, the woodwork furniture store, the rather small inn and the restaurant that came under it, and the shaded path that lead straight to her grandmother’s manor. 

It was yet another smart move for the day, remembering to dawn her leather boots before getting into the carriages that took them back to their home-town away from home, as she kept treading mud over the dry patches that lined the dirt road she traveled down. There was a tinge of regret creeping up on her, that she felt the tiniest bit upset with herself that she had been so harsh on Jasmine and Whisper, but a louder voice went to wrap that small voice up and duct tape and sink it in the ocean with a pair of cement shoes. If she would have been her father, Corin would have spoken up much, much sooner; if she would have been her mother, she would have elected simply to switch out of the class that she had been so upset by. Elphie was daughter to both, and such resulted in a bitter taste left in her mouth with such sour words, but it was masked by a minor smug smile that she had said what she felt needed to have been said; even if she was going to get in trouble for it. 

Knocking any mud that clung to her feet off against the small porch connected to the front of the manor, Elphie walked straight into the house when the door automatically opened for her – welcoming her back from when she had left in the morning. 

“Who do you think that is?” she heard a young, soft voice say.

“I don’t know, maybe /you/ should go check.” She heard another voice respond. 

“Its Elphie!” the third voice – the voice of her own little sister – sung out. 

A giant smile graced Elphie’s face as she suddenly became swarmed by a sea of tiny people; admittedly, not much smaller than herself. “Now where did all of you come from?”

“Mum dropped me off earlier before she went to work.” Gwen answered, wiggling past the others to give her cousin a tight hug. 

“And my mom has the day off.” Presley added, replacing Gwen when Elphie’s cousin let go. 

The Slytherin girl made a displeased face. “I think your mum might be mad at me…I kind of told your sister off.” At first Presley was somewhat shocked by this information, but her voice twitched into that of mild amusement. 

“I’m thinking you’re right.” Presley giggled. 

“Effy!” hearing this voice confused Elphie, but the girls parted, letting the hunched-over young werewolf Cyrinda to make her way over to Elphie and wrap her arms around the elder girl. 

Elphie squeezed her back lightly with a raised brow. “What’re you doing up here?” It was less than a second for everyone to point there fingers at Hadley, some with awkward expressions. 
“I thought she was lonely…She growled at us – but after we all said hi, she was okay.” Hadley defended her choice, raising a brow at the other with a slight grimace. 

“Seeing as how all of you are out there…” her devious smile came back to her face, but it was levels lighter than that of the one she had had in the Drama classroom. “what do you all say to helping me make cookies?”

“Coo-kies!” Cyrinda excitedly called out. Several of the girls repeated her happily and excitedly, taking Elphie’s hands and arms, and pressing their hands against her back to bring her forwards and that much closer to the kitchen. 

“You can get in trouble later,” Presley giggled. “but now, it’s cookie time!”
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