Elphie Gryffin: Winter Weekday Outfits #02 {A Bitnrp Collection}

{@nutz4lutz started this craze for weekly outfits haha}
Bernadette Elphaba Gryffin {Slytherin, 5th year} age 15.
A lot of her clothes I guess you could say are high-class/expensive goth chic. Some of her stuff is really weird - like some of the pins and necklaces - but she's like a young classy Wicked Witch from Oz with a nearly limitless amount of money to spend haha. Many of these things though, have been passed down to her from her great grandmother Victoria, and her mother - and even her aunt Glori. She doesn't care if people find her odd, she loves dressing strangely - but hates bright colors.
Pastels are the devil. Or they are for Glinda - not Elphie.
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Wrote one year ago
And my fave has always been Belle (guess she's kinda like me) so maybe that's the reason for being so into Belle&Rumpel. Though I'm also fan of Snow&Charm (it was so sad when he couldn't remember her and then he turned out tohave a wife) wish they can finally be happy. And the stylists of the show ae amazing! Just love SnowWhite's dresses <3

Wrote one year ago
@polislava I have to stick by Snow and Charming. Snow White has always been my favorite princess :3

Wrote one year ago
My fav is Belle&Rumpel's story :)

Wrote one year ago
@polislava haha yes I am. I love Ginnifer and the entire cast

Wrote one year ago
love the described styles :D guess you're also a fan of Once Upon a Time?

Wrote one year ago
@much-better-now @nutz4lutz @let-there-be-light HOLA! I FINALLY FINISHED IT! I love this collection :D sorry I'm spazing haha


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