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“When I lay my head down to go to sleep at night...
My dreams consist of things that'll make you wanna hide.”
~ Natalia Kills – Wonderland 
{Song for the Set} Florence + The Machine – Seven Devils
People in the frames: 
Elphie {Emilia Clarke}; Penn, husband {Hugh Jackman}
Raven, daughter {Evan Rachel Wood}; Mason, son {Zac Efron}
Matilda, daughter {Jennifer Lawrence}; Frankie, son {Mason Cook} 
Full Name: Elphaba Victoria (Orpheus) 
Nickname(s): Elphie [pretty much everyone]; Mrs. Munster [some of the kids in-town]; Birdy [old people in her family – Grandmere Wil, Dmitri sr.]; Effy [baby-name that Annise and Glinda used to use for her as a kid, and what little kids call her]; Phab (like Fab) [Sunny & Kaili]; Elf [people picking on her]; Little White [Ember]; Snow [Violet] 
Blood Status: Pure blood
Age: 38 {March 15th} 
Profession/Job: Antiquities store owner + piano teacher + ballet teacher
Height: 5’0” 
Weight: approx. 115lbs [she’s really short but she’s got some curves] 
Eyes: Sapphire/Navy Blue 
Hair: Espresso brown + rather curly
Skin: Very fair
Wand: 14½” Elm Tree, Ashwinder Ash {once belonged to her great-grandmother Victoria Branch}
Personality: A rather intense individual to some; Always tends to have a bit of wickedness or smirkiness to her; Can be incredibly vengeful if given the right reason to be so (which is why you really do not attempt to screw her over, cause 99% of the time she’ll get even with you); Its rather difficult to pull the wool over her eyes – a great deal of the time she’s not insanely trusting of those she barely knows, but its rare for things to slip past her without her knowing; people can find her incredibly wicked/mean, but its generally only something she is towards people she does not favor/people that she hates; somewhat friendly to strangers but tends to come of intimidating and somewhat b!tchy to strangers; insanely loyal and protective over her friends and family members; has kept much of her creativity from when she was a teenager – especially with her outfits; very intelligent and cunning – but she never really lets on how smart she is to keep people guessing; considered to be very odd by many but she is rather proud of that fact; has a rather odd sense of humor that people don’t get sometimes; she does have her moments of compassion with certain people but to many she would much rather they help themselves before they ask her for assistance; people often mistake her small size for weakness, but as tiny as she is, she won’t second-guess wanting to gut you if you give her reason and she tends not to be frightened of much after surviving all of what has happened to her throughout her life; shares some tough-love mentality when it comes to her children making mistakes (or if they lose their money on something stupid xD), and is very much a “You break it, you fix it” kind of person; it’s a rarity that Elphie lacks any sort of confidence when it comes to nearly everything; 
Bio: There are people in the world who lead lives made of legends; defeating killers, stealing priceless treasures from impossible locations, vanquishing great evils, and coming to the brink of death time and time again. For anyone who heard the truth of her story, not many would believe the events that have transpired in Elphaba’s life; for what is bizarre and strange to an ordinary person – is nothing short of just another horrible occurrence for the cursed woman with the bright blue eyes. From talking with reapers, to staring down vampires, werewolves, and killers, and regretfully severing lives – there hasn’t been much in this petite lady’s life that has been what anyone could consider ‘normal’ – but that’s just how things have always been since the day she was born. 

Raised in bustling New York City, schooled in the infamous country of Scotland at Hogwarts, traveling to dangerous Russia and towering Japan, to living in the mysterious state of Louisiana; in her youth, Elphie has traveled back and forth across the world in search of freeing herself of the burden of the mysterious Amulet of Death – but for the past twenty years, although the amulet still exists (and is in her own possession), things have quieted down a bit from being constantly fraught with danger and murder. This, is one of the things she has come to be most thankful for; besides the man and werewolf she calls her husband Penn, and her four children that make her want to pull her hair out just as much as she wants to smother them with love.

Little by little, Elphie and Penn have built a life together – starting a family of their own; and neighbor after neighbor, the small town of Port Abri that they own together has risen up from the ashes of its former self to become a safe-haven of sorts to freaks and wandering souls looking for a place to settle. Yet again, very much like Elphie herself, the town is nothing short of bizarre; and that’s not simply because of the town’s residents – but also the town itself. Communicating with spirits, mainly those of the town’s past residence, is never easy – particularly when you’re really the only person who can seem them – but the curse that used to haunt her now serves as a tool that has helped to build up the land and the buildings to create another jewel nestled near the heart of Louisiana; hidden like a precious gem with all manner of spells to keep the muggles at bay. 

However, such a long period of calm is never meant to last – and if history proves right, twenty years of calm may only be the calm before yet another storm, and that has been what Elphie has come to fear the most. Yet she remains hopeful; preparing as best as she can for the worst that could come their way – for what will attempt to creep up on her and her family. But she certainly will not go down without a fight; that, for the most part, has never changed. For along with the town, the outside world is changing; hinging on miniature battles between men and beast alike, forcing everyone to wonder if the wizarding world is on the hinge of yet another war. Only time will be able to tell. 

There are two kinds of people in the world; those who fear the darkness, and those who delve right into it – and Elphie Orpheus hasn’t been sure for a long time as to which side she falls. All she truly knows is what she’ll do to protect those she cares about most; and those methods are not always the most innocent and honest. Still the rather wickedly sarcastic, somewhat bitter, reluctantly compassionate, impossible to scare woman she has always been, Elphie in no way is ready to get old any time soon, but when nightmares of the past soon arise again, it may not be getting old that Elphie has to worry about; but keeping herself and everyone she cares about alive and unharmed. [I may edit this/add more] 
OTHER – basic information: 
- (Boggart): Lazar Orpheus half-morphed into werewolf form
- (Patronus): Werewolf
- (Husband/Wife): Penn Orpheus
- (Children): Raven + Mason + Matilda + Frankie Orpheus
- (Parents): Imogene Gryffin + Corin Corvin
- (Siblings): Leo + Ian + Hadley Gryffin 
- (Pet): a wolfhound named D’Artagnan, and an owl named Dante
- (Children): Raven + Mason + Matilda + Frankie Orpheus
- (Parents): Imogene Gryffin + Corin Corvin
- (Siblings): Leo + Ian Gryffin + Hadley Gryffin 
- (Grandparents): Amelia + Cullen Gryffin; Dmitri Corvin Sr. + Angelica Black
- (Sister(s)/Brother(s)-in-law(s): Glinda Gryffn, Nova Gryffin, Cyrinda Branch
- (Cousins): Godric [Gryffin], Calypso St. John, Vincent Gryffin, Jett Shaw, Gwen Gryffin, Max Shaw
- (Aunt(s)/Uncle(s): Remy & Sam Gryffin; Nymie Gryffin; Glori & Ryen Shaw; Kasper Vangore
- (Niece(s)/Nephew(s): Cordelia + Robyn Gryffin; Jade + Gemma Gryffin
- (Close Friends): Annise (Vangore), Glinda (Gryffin), Stevie + Zephyr Brâncoveanu, Nova (Gryffin), Prim Koothropali, Katherine Gryffin, 
- (Godchildren): Iris Redfield; Morticia Vangore; 
- Still remains rather close to all of her siblings, especially since all four of them – and many of her in-laws – live in Port Abri not too far from being next-door-neighbors to her. 
- The town of Port Abri is half-and-half divided as to how they feel about Elphie – and subsequently Penn; those who feel rather intimidated and almost fearful in a way, of their town’s co-owner, and the other half absolutely adore her to pieces. Elphie isn’t particularly sure which she likes more, but she’s happy to have friends and family that also live in the town with her – instead of surrounded by all strangers. 
- From time to time, she helps her brother Ian campaign for werewolf rights in the Ministry, but hasn’t been too successful due to great opposition to officially labeling werewolves as people and not as beasts. 
- Since she was a baby, she has been able to see spirits and have greater contact with ghosts. Many believe she’s a medium, to those that do not know of her past/the truth of why she can see spirits. But there are times she sleep-walks or is lead to things because of this, so there are those who do not question her abilities, and there are some that choose to refuse to believe them at all. 
- Has an Order of Merlin, first-class for two Manticores at the age of 17. 
- Can speak Russian but isn’t as good as writing and reading it. She also speaks French fluently – being a common second-language that many in her family speak and that some use in Louisiana. And she can speak some Greek cause of her godmother Aella and her children, but also because of Penn.
- Can sing very well and play the piano; but it sort of only comes as a hobby now – during Christmas, birthdays, singing to her kids when they’re ill or to sleep or when she’s teaching piano. 
…singing voice: Birdy 
- Fences frequently with her brother Ian, her mother Imogene, grandmother Amelia, and a small handful of others who know how to fence. She still finds it to be quite fun, and is one of the things she does to help keep in shape. 
- Still practices ballet and very much loves to dance, but its only when she works out or teaches ballet – and in the rarity that there is a party – that she gets to. 
- Co-Owns the town of Port Abri with her husband Penn – once a ghost town. Over the past twenty years, they have worked to restore the town and many of their friends and family, and others looking for a safe-haven that tend to be ‘freaks’ have found a place to call home. 
- Owns/manages a pawn shop + Antiquities store in Port Abri called “Marvelous Treasures”.
- Quiet skilled at hexes and curses. On occasion she uses them around town, which is why some of the people in town are afraid of her, but she only tries to use hexes and spells on people that she feels truly deserves it, or to break up a fight that she sees. 
- Works part-time as a piano teacher and as a ballet teacher to some of the kids in town 
- Knows how to ride a motorbike and drive a car; which she learned from her husband Penn and both of her parents, Imogene and Corin. She also knows how to drive a car, as she has one of her own – a 1967 Chevy Impala 2-door – in her home’s garage. 
- Loves to bake and cook a lot. She is rather talented at it, but no where near as skilled as her [Uncle] Shia Adler or auntie Danai McClarin. When her kids are home over the summer, she makes dinner, lunch and breakfast frequently – but during the year, she sometimes only tends to make lunch and dinner for her youngest son and husband Penn. 
- From time to time, Elphie sews up pieces of clothing of her own design. Most often, she decorates plain pieces of clothing with beads, patches and studs, but she knows how to also make corsets, skirts, and dresses – which she has gifted to some people; including her daughters. 
- In recent years, she has learned to ride a house, and from time to time, rides the horse that is at her mother’s house that she owns named: Lydia. 
- Likes ~ Music: Within Temptation, Florence + the Machine, Flyleaf, Evanescence/Amy Lee, Metric, Adele, Eisley, Lana Del Rey, The Killers, Marina + the Diamonds, Keane, The Cardigans, Coldplay, One Republic, The Veronicas, Sia, Mr. Hudson, White Lies, Placebo, Camille Saint-Saëns, Bach, Elton John>>
- Likes ~ Movies: Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, Snow White and the Huntsman, Three Musketeers, the Wizard of Oz, Count of Monte Cristo, The Addams Family + Family Values, Dark Shadows, Corpse Bride, Howl’s Moving Castle, Edward Scissorhands, Nightmare Before Christmas, Casper, Hocus Pocus, Sherlock Holmes, Les Miserables, Moulin Rogue, Repo! The Genetic Opera>>
- Likes ~ TV Shows: The Munsters, Pushing Daisies, Graham Norton, Being Human (UK), Dead Like Me, Once Upon A Time, Psych, the Addams Family (b&w/cartoon), Lost Girl, True Blood, The Tudors, the Borgias, Carnival, Ahh!!! Real Monsters, Beetlejuice, Special Unit 2>>
- Likes ~ plays/musicals/ballets: Les Miserables, The Addams Family, Wicked, Phantom of the Opera, Sweeney Todd, How to Succeed, The Little Mermaid, Annie, Legally Blonde [more-to-add]>>
- Likes ~ Books: A Series of Unfortunate Events, Edgar Allen Poe, Robert Frost, Three Musketeers, Les Miserables, Sherlock Holmes series, some of the works by William Shakespeare, Alice in Wonderland, Jane Eyre, The Umbrella Academy, Emily the Strange, The Mortal Instruments series, Clockwork Angels series>>
- Likes ~ Food: Mexican hot chocolate, cherry cordials, manicotti, apple flavored things + apples – especially caramel and toffee and candy covered, raspberries, blue raspberry flavored things, Shia’s baking, her mother’s home-made mashed-potatoes, her mother’s cookies, cherry cola floats, rootbeer floats>>
- Likes ~ Random likes: Jewelry with sapphires in them; winter (but she also likes fall); the colors navy, oxblood, emerald and black; rainy days/thunderstorms, Helena Bonham Carter, silver shoes, Snow White collectables, little kids, Penn [lol], lace, velvet, leather; Wicked, Wizard of Oz, Skeletons/Skulls/Bones, crystals/geodes, Lewis Black>>
- Dislikes: people touching her hair/messing her hair up unless she grants them permission>>
- Elphie’s natural hair resembles http://www.polyvore.com/marvel_studio_head_says_black/thing?id=30599342 very much like her dad’s hair, just more brown instead of red
- - - refer to his collection:: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/collection?id=2298904 
Model: Emilia Clarke - - teen model: India Eisley 
Bio collection: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/collection?id=2250815
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