Elphie Orpheus: Spring Wardrobe - part 1 {A ITDRP Wardrobe Collection}

Elphaba Victoria Orpheus
age 38, Slytherin Alumni - resident of Port Abri, Louisiana
~Sunday is cleaning day, so no outfit for that day as its mainly just sweats/lazy clothes~
Elphie's fashioned hasn't changed much since she was a teenager. She's still very funky, wicked witch/snow white, and playful with what she wears, but never does she have a dull outfit. Some of her clothes are a little young for a 38 year old, but Elphie doesn't care. There are a lot of corsets and dark make up in here, which is just true to Elphie's style throughout the years.
~BTW, dammm the item limit :/~

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Wrote three years ago
@much-better-now @nutz4lutz @let-there-be-light Hola :3 I was bored XD


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