So for a Disney character, Elsa's got some serious style! And her braid is definitely adorable and easy to recreate! Here's how:


A fine toothed comb

Clear hair tie


Bobby pins (if needed)

And a blue bow/ribbon (optional)

Okay, now let's get started!

 So Elsa has a lot of volume in her braid so to recreate it you need to divide your hair into three sections (top and sides). Take the top part and divide it into a few smaller parts, tease all the parts separately but then take your comb and comb them together. Repeat for the two other sections.

 Now it's time to start braiding! Remember the three sections you used to tease? Use those to braid! Elsa's braid is a french braid but her braid starts at the the upper BACK of her head so don't start on the top of your head. Because it's French while braiding add loose and big pieces of hair to the braid. Once you get to the nape of your neck bring your hair over your shoulder and continue braiding so that it's a side braid! Continue braiding over your shoulder until you want to tie it with your hair tie. If the braid looks too thin just loosen it up a tiny bit after tying it off.

 If you have bangs or layers pull some of the shorter hairs out of the braid and curl them to match Elsa's wisps. If you look closely Elsa also has a little ribbon at the end of her braid so feel free to tie a little bow around your hair tie!

And you're done!

Kisses, Avalon ( @avanoel24 )

P.S. If you want you can weave a ribbon though your braid or put little hair gems in it!
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