Jackie woke up and rolled over to find her dog with his head on the side of her bed. "Silly." She said and lightly pushed him off. she pulled her self up and in to her dress, walking into the kitchen she found her mum, her two sister, 7 year old twins and Fred her boyfriend. She sighed and hugged her mum. "Good morning." She kissed her on the cheek and turned to her sisters, kissing them gently on the top of the head. "What are you two doing up?" She smiled at them. They looked up at her with wide pitiful eyes. "We don't want you to leave." They smiled at her and hugged around the waist. she kissed they again. "I have to eat now, but you can sit next to me." She poked them in their little bellys, they giggled and she put them next to her at the table.


Jackie was trying to fix her bow when her mother came in. "Let me do it, dear." She said and walked over to fix it. Jackie gave her mother the bow and wiped the tear from her eye. "Mum, don't cry." She sighed and kissed her on the head. "Just be careful." He mum said.


Jackie waved at her mum and sister and grabbed Freds hand as they walked up to the line. Fred squezzed her hand. "It's okay, Fred, it's okay." She smiled and kissed him before letting go of his hand and turning to the peace keeper in front of her to take her blood. she nodded at the peace keeper and left to go stand in the female side. she looked over and saw Fred standing on the other side. she looked back and smiled at her family.
She looked up and said. "Please, God, help them if I am pick, please help them...........and if I get killed, comfort them." She felt a tear coming down her face as the lady put her arm in to the glass globe.

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