Emerald Marie Evans

Name; Emerald Marie Evans
Age; 17
Looks; Below
Biography; Emerald grew up in Kent, England in a large house situated in front of the beach. Being an only child Emerald or 'Em' is extremely spoiled by her adoring rich parents. She isn't a snob, but may be a bit posh so 'snob' may be the first thought that pops into your head. Emerald recently broke up with her cheating boyfriend. Her parents had always said he was trouble but she ignored them, know realizing they were right.
Phone; Her gorgeous 'baby' iPhone5
Pets; Her cherished baby pug named Diamond and her horse named Lottie.
Family ( Optional to fill out ); Her father, Carl, hotel owner, her mother Emelie.
Likes; Horse riding, fashion, her mobile, her friends, her family, her car she likes to stare at, her guitar, singing in small doses, scented candles and soaps.
Dislikes; Spiders, mud, judge mental people and being an only child.

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