I was tagged by @albs in her amazing set:
& @dreamer1983 in her pretty set:
-Animal: Rabbit
-Color: I love all of colors
-Food: Fried rice, meatball, pasta, ramen
-Sweets: Chocolate
-Beverages: Mineral water & coffee
-Ice-Cream Flavor: choco-mint
-Clothing Brand: if I could afford it, Burberry & Marni
-Stores: Forever21
-Jewelry: Necklaces 
-Accessories: watch
-Perfume: D&G-light blue
-Fashion icon: Olivia Palermo
-Make-Up item/brand: Maybelline
-Celebrities: Kirsten Dunst
-Male singer: Adam Levine
-Female singer: Beyonce, Adele
-Song: Moves Like Jagger
-Movie: I love action & drama-comedy movie, recently movie I saw is Tintin
-TV show: Running Man
-Actor: Vin Diesel, Jake Gylenhaal
-Actress: Anna Hathaway
-Favorite male fictional character: Shrek & Po (Kungfu Panda)
-Favorite female fictional character: Princess Fiona & Coraline
-Book: A lot of novels, especially true story & traveling novel
-Car: -
-PC Game: The Sims 3
-Board game: -
-Magazines: Go Girl!, Cosmo Girl, Elle
-Fairy tale: Tinker Bell
-Quote: Only great minds can afford a simple style-Stendhal
-Number: ?
-Instrument: -
-Flower: White Rose
-Website: Polyvore, Facebook, Looklet
-Sport: Swim, yoga, thai boxing
-Season: spring
-Holiday/Festival: New Year
-Midnight snack: -
-Are you in school/college? College
-What's your favourite subject? Site Planning
-Do you study for tests the night before or do you study well in advanced? The day before test :D
-Do you have a job? Yes
-If you could have any job, what would you want to do/be? Architect & boutique owner
-What music do you like?: R&B, pop
-One song that describes you perfectly: 
-Song with the best lyrics: Smile-Charlie Chaplin
-The saddest song ever: Hurt-Christina Aguilera
-Who would you do a duet with? Adele
-Your biggest celeb crush?: Jake Gylenhaal
-Have you ever tried to e-mail a celebrity? never
-Who in your opinion are the 5 hottest men? Jake Gylenhaal, Vin Diesel, Ashton Kutcher, Johnny Dep, Channing Tatum
-Who in your opinion are the 5 hottest women?: 
Salma Hayek, Amanda Seyfried, Katy Perry, Anna Hathaway, Jennifer Lopez
-What is your favorite movie genre?: Action & drama-comedy
-Is there any movie you know all the lines to?: -
-What is the last movie you saw?: The Adventures of Tintin
-Do you cry while watching movies? Depend on the story
-Saddest movie ever: Sanctum
-If you could marry a fictional character who would it be? Stan - The Back up Plan
-If you could get a role in a movie would you rather play a good girl or a bad girl? Good girl
-Name your fav bad boy & bad girl: Jason Statham & Lindsay Lohan
-If you could live in any home from a television series, what would it be?: Queen-B
-What fictional character are you most like: Amy Adams - The Leap Year
-What romance would you want to experience form any movie or a tv show?: Amy & Declan
-If you could become a character in a TV show or movie, who would you chose to be?: 
-What's your favorite nail polish color?: Nude
-What is your fashion style?: Casual-girly, sometimes little bit vintage
-What clothes do you like?: jeans, blouse, cardigan, A-line skirt
-What are you the most passionate when it comes to fashion?: Choose the clothes that make you feel comfortable
-What is your favorite outfit to wear?: Blouse-jeans-flats-tote bag-necklace
-Do you own a pair of Converse?: yes
-Who according to you is the best dressed person in the world?: Olivia Palermo, Alexa Chung
-What celebrity best represents your vision of fashion?: Kirsten Dunst, love her vintage style
-If you could have someone else's face, whom would you choose?: -
-If you could choose the love of your life who would you choose?: My future husband
-If you were famous who would you be hanging out? Leighton Meester, Amanda Seyfried, Zooey Deschannel


-Body or Face?: Face
-Looks or Personality? Personality 
-Tall or short?: Taller than me of course
-Athlete or musician?: musician
-Hair: short or long?: Short
-Dark or blonde?: Dark
-Candy or flowers?: Candy
-Hugs or kisses?: Hugs
-What is the first physical thing you notice in the opposite sex?: eyes
-Most important physical feature: Smile
-Most important personality trait?: humble
-What guys you are falling for?: I like a man who can make me laugh
-How can they won you over?: Take care of me
-Your ideal boyfriend?: for now, of course my boyfriend
-Are you falling for British/Australian accent?: I prefer British
-Have you ever had a crush on a best friend?: yes
-Have you ever asked a guy out?: Yes
-Do you believe in love at first sight?: No
-Have you found the love of your life?: Yes maybe
-What is your ideal date with a significant other?: Having a great time together
-Would you ever be able to handle a long-distance situation? Maybe
-Is there anything you won't tolerate while in a relationship?: Cheating
-Would you rather have a big or secret wedding?: Not to both , I rather have a simply wedding & sweet moment with friends & the families.

-Ocean or mountains? Oceans
-Tornado or Earthquake?: -
-Winter or Summer?: Summer
-Snow or rain?: rain
-Plane or boat?: Plane
-Love or friendship?: Friendship
-Pancakes or waffles?: Pancakes
-Hamburger or pizza?: Pizza
-Meat or veggies?: Both
-Vanilla or chocolate?: Chocolate
-Sunrise or sunset?: Sunset
-Cats or dogs?: cats
-Hugs or kisses?: Hugs
-Penthouse or beach house?: Beach house
-High heels or flats?: flats
-Jewelry or accessories?: Jewelry
-Rihanna or Lady Gaga?: Rihanna
-Twilight or The vampire diaries?: Twilight
-Stefan or Damon?: -
-Gossip girl or The O.C? Gossip Girl
-A sister or a brother?: Sister
-Night or day?: Day

-Would you rather dye your hair pink or eat raw hamburger meat?: not to both
-Would you rather skip Christmas for a year, or skip your birthday for a year?: Christmas, because I'm not celebrating it
-Would you rather kiss a jellyfish or step on a crab?: Step on a crab
-Would you rather live in mansion or own a luxury yacht?: mansion
-Would you rather be invisible or be able to read minds: Read minds
-Would you rather find true love or 10 million dollars?: Of course both of them :)
-Would you rather be a singer or a model?: Singer
-Would you rather be famous or rich? Rich
What a long challenge! It's taking a long time to fill it.. hehe

Then I'll tag 20 friends:
@jasmine111196 , @je-suis-un-lapin , @lollypop1 , @doozer, @anna4513, @frou-frou, @maveee, @oriya, @asling, @mrsbeamer, @martcha, @mungivore, @sneky, @alicja2204, @dreamer1983, @lyraborealis, @campe-lala, @heartbreaker95, @ilovelucy1029, @s-h-e

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Wrote 5 years ago
Great style!! Congrats!

Wrote 5 years ago
Congrats on top sets! No worries.
.when I have access to a computer...I shall do that questionnaire :)

Wrote 5 years ago
sorry for the delay, my dear asri!!! and thank you very much for tagging me in this divine, unique set!!! fab color scheme and style!! flawless layout and photos!!! also, it's great to learn more about you ;)
many congrats on top sets!!!! *\o
have a fab sunday!!! many kisses <3

Wrote 5 years ago
wow, dear... superb... congrats!!!





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