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Hi Guys! LONG time no see.
School started and I just went into high school and it's been a mess!!
I've got a bunch of tips coming up to make up for the 
time lost!
So anyways onto the tip!

In your make-up bag;

1) makeup DUH! Just the essentials though, no need for EVERY piece of makeup you own

2) perfume! Gotta be smellin fine all day!

3) lip balm nobody wants chapped lips!

4) roll-on deodorant, dont wanna be STANKY!

5) compact, gotta see your beautiful face.

6)hand sanitizer, School bathrooms nuff said.

7) Tampons/Pad, for those, ya know girl problems

8) Tissue, almost winter time for the sniffles.

9) Lotion, for silky smooth hands.

In your purse/locker;

1) Water and a snack, seriously this comes in handy.

2) Extra pens/pencils, they might crack under pressure LOL just kidding that was lame.

3) Mints/Gum, need fresh breath for the BOYS ;)

4) Emergency Money, You never know??

5) Mini first aid kit, this can really come in handy.

6) This may sound crazy but a change of clothes, never know when someone might start a food fight!

Hope this helped!
Love you guys!

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