Full Name: Emilia Lienne Ballen
Year: 1
Age: 11
Appearance: Long dark brown wavy hair and green eyes
Wand: Hawthorn, 13 3/4", Phoenix Feather, Hard
Blood Status: Pureblood
House: Would like Gryffindor but just wants to be in the same house as her brother.
Pet: Barn Owl called Summer

Personality: Smart, caring, shy, loyal friend, doesn't care much for the old pureblood ways, elegant, graceful, independent but will accept help when she needs it.

Bio: She is a loving and caring girl, and adores her brother, they do most things together. She was taught to treat everyone equally, and those lessons stuck, she is easy to get along with but can be quiet at first. She is very creative, she loves to read, write and draw, and to sing. She also has a passion for horses and learnt other forms of combat that don't involve wands for when she goes home. She is very protective of those she loves and doesn't appreciate when people are mean to her friends, plus she is very articulate for an eleven year old.

Family: Thalia Ballen {nee Tallis}- Mother
Alistair Ballen- Father
James Ballen- Brother

Model: Emilia Clarke
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