Emilia Rose Walter (united states of john green)

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Name: Emilia Rose Walter
Age: Sixteen
Book: Looking for Alaska (I made her up but I want her for the Looking for Alaska storyline)
Fears: One of her family members dying. Even if her parents are at each other's throat all the time, she can't imagine living without one of them
Dreams: She wants to be a marine biologist
Face Claim: Emma Watson
Friends: Alaska Young, The Colonel, Takumi
Crush: The Colonel
About: Emilia used to live in London, but because of her parent's splitting up, they decided she should go to boarding school in the States near where her aunt lives. She feels like an outsider more than ever, with her pale skin and accent, and is trying to fit in. Her flamethrower of a person attitude can be to her benefit, but if you make her mad you are going to wish you were never born.
When Emilia is happy and in a good mood she's a great friend to have and will do anything for her friends.
A secret: She hasn't had her first kiss yet because she was very sheltered when she was with her parents.

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