Full name:Emilie De Rochefort
Age: sixteen
Clique: Elites
Hometown:Monaco, france
Looks:Elegance,Poise,Charm,Perfection,you hear these words and this beautiful angel will be the first thing that comes into your head,Emilie Has pretty much been used to having guys attempt to touch her lips since she was little,honestly since she could speak,boys have been coming up to her and tried every flirting trick in the book and she still hasn't fallen for any of them as she doesn't think about boys,but she does take advantage of their desperate state to please her,and she has them do taskes for her that doesn't benifit them in anyway.And she means no harm by it but when she sees a opportunity to get what she wants she takes it.
Emilie has lusciously layered Brown-sand and Brown hazlenut blended waves end with natural sharp ends,her natural beauty of hair is volumious as rich as dark chocolate,and ever so sleek and neat.Her lovely beach waves caresses right below her chest,The Brown Hazlenut blends in her hair make her hair shine more than then the northern star,she always puts her locks up at night because if she doesn't even if it was only once her hair will become a mess. next are her eyebrows,they are the shape of a sharp arch which gives her the edgy feel that people seem to sense when they walk by her, Emilie's eyes are decribed to be enchanted,the way those warm chocolate melting eyes shimmer even in a darkest rooms, gorgeous, huge,bright and framed and hugged by an extremely thick, long,natural, and black lashes that have been seen on models who are forced to wear mascara, defining her face adequately,ofcourse these eyes can rock that seductive stare that man and woman see in magazines everyday and have drooled over. Her nose is not too big or too small,her nose leans more towards being a button nose that has no marks,it's just perfect.Now lets not forget about those full and luscious,light rose pink heart shape lips that no man as been able to touch even though they try so hard,naturally soft and have that perfect smirk that constantly plays on her face and it goes perfectly with the seductive stare of this angel's. Her skin is the color of cream, soft, spotless, clean, and free of unwanted hair or damaging...almost like new butter her lips are pink and are full. Jasmine doesn't consider herself tall too as she stands at 5'6 feet,and has a 36 b bust line,she has a perfectly balanced body has she is a hourglass,ofcourse she thinks that pears are luckier.
Personality:The say that gingers have no souls,but even though our little Angel is a brunette she fits that theme nicely,Emilie has the brains when it comes to street and book smarts,she has the Hot and deceptive looks And she had a personality to match it all,She Characterized as I rich mothers girl who is always being the voice of reason.She's a spoiled girl who is used to getting everything she wants no matter what the cost,and you'd know that when you see her drive by in a different color limousine each week,She's very sensitive of how people speak to her mother,and she tends to speak in french when angered or when speaking to her beloved mother,She isn't fond of people who think that their better than her and they instantly are on her hated list,as she was taught not to bother with people who saw themself higher than her.she may think of herself as the ice queen, asnd she admits it, she's often does,and if she doesn't have things her way.And it's those around she who often bear the brunt of she annoyance.Emilie is a great party planner after all once you live the luxury life where your mother and friends throw a party every three weeks you learn a thing or two,Over all she is a great person underneath all of that spoiled interior you just have to find out how to get her to let all that rich girl stuff go.
Bio [optional]:Emilie was born on a cool day in the Late afternoon;the sky was a gorgeous azure,The sun was setting and the moon was rising,The birds were headed home and the owls were waking up. opened her Soft Elegant wondering eyes and from then she was was Bond to greatness,she lives with her Mother who raised her in their hometown,Monaco..and seeing that they live in Monaco explains why their so rich,Monaco has the world's lowest poverty rate,and the highest number of millionaires and billionaires per capita in the world.Emilie was raised in a protective lifestyle,she went to private schools all of her life and was always home before seven,she had went to a private dance school,all of her live basically.and she always went shopping for the luxurious clothes with her mother,all of her friends were rich as the friends that she made were through the private school,Private dance school,through her mothers friends,or they met when everyone their glamorious neighborhood,decided to work together to throw a Luxurious party,Elilie's Mother was practically a fashion prodigy,she's extremely well known In several countries and is planning on being known in all of them and because of that plan she travels very often.Elilie always was always brought on these trips with her mother so she could learn about being the top in everything she did and to help her mother come up with new ideas,and because their relationship was so strong that it was hard for her mother to leave her behind when their so close to one another.
Other [optional]:Her hobbies are taking part in street fighting tournaments, and helping her mother

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Full Name:Bella Unemi-san
Age: 16
Grade: Sophomore
Appearance:dakota rose
Short Bio:She is the second oldest of six girls in her japanese home she lives with five of her sisters she shares a room with the oldest of them and suprizingly they all don't fight like most sistersthey acually have never fought before in their lives,they live in a giant hello kitty mansion thats in the center of tokyo,and each of them have their own Japanese careers,they don't have parents because they disappeared and left them on their own(Rossetta,and Bella are the only ones who remember them),but they all could care less,the only thing that matters to them is each other and their social life,their known as the "Tokyo sweeties" by almost everyone in tokyo which gets under Bella's skin since she hates begin seen as sweet,but hey.... she still uses it to her advantage,for example,
when she stole a pair of earrings from a Tokyo mall the police didn't believe that she stole anything and she went home without anyone on her case,She has three Bestfriends,Blanch,Malissa,and Joy,their the only ones to can speak their mind to Bella without worrying about how she's going to kill them,they've all known each other since they were born....literally they we're born at the same hospital at the same time,ofcourse Bella is the oldest of them by 30 seconds.Malisa is second oldest by 20 seconds,and Blanch and Joy were born at exactly the same time.
Family:Miki,Cassie (twins they have their own fashion line),
Maylu(a japanese artist)
Brokelle(Goth lolita fashion)
and Rossatta(a japanese designer)
and Bella herself i(s a Japanese singer)
Personality:she was always one of the top girls at any school, but she is what people call "two faced" after all she's manipultive,deceptive,she's a wonderful lier but she got that skill from her older sister Rossetta, and she looks down on anyone who has the nerve to come and get smart with her,however everyone sees her as a sweet,honest,sweetheart that wouldn't hurt a fly,but depending on how you come at her she'll either admire your braveness or she'll see you as a Baka "Idiot",
Secret: She keeps knives in her clothes to feel safe from any and everyone,she also can suduce a grown man if she wants something.
Desired Clique: Platinums
Why do you deserve it?: Because of her personality,plus she'd make a unique invitee,also because i love to Rp and i'm online every weekday,and i always give my all.
Desired Non-Invite Clique: Alpha's
Desired Apartment: #1
Desired Roommates:Any
Other?:She loves animals and nature

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Alright thanks i'll start ASP :L xx

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thank you for reading that the invite only clique are all full.
enrollment accepted.
you may begin RP whenever you please. (:


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