Emilie Lindberg

full name;; Emilie Lindberg
nickname;; None
age;; 17
class; upper
nationality;; Swedish
hometown;; Stockholm
appearance;; Lindsay Ellingson
personality;; Perfect. That's all you need to know. She's had everything she's ever wanted, the stuck-up girl is not only a biatch to people she hated but she can be the sweetest person you've ever met. Emilie doesn't care what people think about her, whatever you call her she'll just make your whole life worse. That's how it goes, whether you like it or not.
biography;; On the cold night of the 20th of December a small, fragile child opened her dark green eyes and step foot onto this messed up planet. Her mother, Alexandra Lindberg and her Father, Marcus Lindberg didn't know what the millionaire family had in store for them both. At a young age Emilie was already self-centred, spoilt and of course perfect. At the age of 13 she started modelling for agencies until she was finally signed by Vogue and became an Angel for Victoria's Secret. She now spends her life travelling away from her Family for photoshoots etc. She now lives near ash dale academy and decided to see how other peasants lived their lives.
relationship status;; single
other info;; All natural.
family;; Alexandra Lindberg (Actress and Owner of Modelling Agencies)
Marcus Lindberg (Director and Producer)
Lilliana Lindberg (Younger sister, 15)
clique choice 1;; Elites
clique choice 2;; Perfects

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