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  • Emilime Maretta Poncho
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    Emilime Maretta Poncho
    A cozy handmade Alpaca poncho in a neutral striped motif. From Emilime.
  • Emilime Fuzz Hat
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    Emilime Fuzz Hat
    Last winter, you learned the hard way that not wearing a hat does more damage to your hair than its worth. However, this season you've smartened up thanks to a little help from the Emilime Women's Fuzz Hat. Though, this stylish hat isn't just a pretty face--its alpaca, wool, and synthetic fiber knit offers low-profile warmth to cull the cold, while the low-profile pom offers a sporty, alpine-inspired vibe.
  • Emilime Cove Scarf
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    Emilime Cove Scarf
    Every season is deserving of its own staple item, so it's no surprise that the Emilime Women's Cove Scarf is your go-to choice come fall and winter. The Cove is handcrafted in Peru by master knitters and features a alpaca wool construction, which makes it not only toasty-warm, but also hypoallergenic. More importantly, the Cove boasts a versatile design and chunky-knit construction that pairs just as well with your work coat as it does with your weekend attire.
  • Emilime Pisco Convertible Mittens
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    Emilime Pisco Convertible Mittens
    Pisco Convertible Mittens by Emilime, One Size, Beige
  • Emilime Logan Square Convertible Mittens
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    Emilime Logan Square Convertible Mittens
    Logan Square Convertible Mittens by Emilime, One Size, Black
  • Emilime Name Fingerless Gloves
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    Emilime Name Fingerless Gloves
    Name Fingerless Gloves - Women's
  • Emilime Name Hat
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    Emilime Name Hat
    Name Hat - Women's
  • Emilime Quin Pom Beanie
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    Emilime Quin Pom Beanie
    Quin Pom Beanie - Women's
  • Emilime Name Scarf
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    Emilime Name Scarf
    You don't need a label or nomenclature when you can make a statement with a little help from the Emilime Women's Name Scarf. Not only is the Name handcrafted by artisan makers in Peru, but it also features the furnace-like fervor of woven sheep and alpaca wool, which means your cold-weather style won't be cramped or compromised--only enhanced.
  • Emilime Trio Hat
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    Emilime Trio Hat
    Trio Hat - Women's
  • Emilime Fuzz Scarf
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    Emilime Fuzz Scarf
    For argument's sake, the Emilime Women's Fuzz Scarf is about as classic as a hot cup of cocoa on a cold winter's day. This versatile scarf is handcrafted by master knitters in Peru, while the alpaca, wool, and synthetic fibers offer furnace-like fervor even on the chilliest days of the year. Pair with your go-to chunky-knit sweater, dark denim, and booties for the complete, autumn-inspired look.
  • Emilime Trio Scarf
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    Emilime Trio Scarf
    Trio Scarf - Women's
  • Emilime Trio Flip Top Mittens
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    Emilime Trio Flip Top Mittens
    Trio Flip Top Mittens - Women's
  • Emilime Fuzz Flip Top Mittens
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    Emilime Fuzz Flip Top Mittens
    Introducing your new fair-and-foul weather best friend: the Emilime Women's Fuzz Flip Top Mittens. As its name suggests, this technology-savvy mitt features a flip-top construction allows you to keep your digits warm when you're walking to work, or flip the lid when you need to access your touchscreen device. The wool, alpaca, and synthetic fibers offer toasty-warmth, while the classic colorways ensure versatility and style.
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