Emily Elizabeth Stewart

Name: Emily Elizabeth Stewart
Age: 16
Date Of Birth: Feb 22
Place Of Birth: Florida
Appearance: she has huge square glasses big ice blue eyes and a small cute nose. She has long black hair with bangs in the front, her pale white skin standing against it. she is 6 feet tall awkward for her, her cup is 34-A so she is built skinny and thin.
Seхual orientation: Bi but leans towards guys
Secret: she has a drinking problem
Other: she has chronic insomnia
Bio: She was always that one smart kid that always was right and she got picked on for it. She was the kid that talked first then started walking not crawling,as she got old her was just the geek always busy always working. Till she came along some bad people which got her drinking problem. she is some times hateful, bossy and a smart ass but most of the time she can be really kind. When she was younger her father was her best and only friend they loved the same books and movies he died a month ago and she still is sensitive about it.
Personality: a smart-ass, bossy, stubborn, sassy, a geek, sarcastic, kind, caring, and clumsy,hotheaded.
Family : she has two older sisters
Bailey-18 Hannah-20 mother- Brenda-43
papa- Rick- went death was 50 died of being stabbed.

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