“Out of everyone Jackson it had to be her didn’t it? You couldn’t help yourself could you?” I screamed. He just stared at the ground. “Look at me!” I said as I slapped his face harshly. He paused and looked up my livid face. 
“It happened after the assembly, you were all over that beefy looking guy and I thought you were sleeping with him.” 
“Oh come on, you’re supposed to give me a little more credit. I’m not even slightly interested in that trash. I want you and I’ve always wanted you, so stop trying to ruin everything with your…man-wh*ring.” I sighed. “Look I got all dressed up and I want to go to this party. Will you come with me?” I asked as I offered him my hand apprehensively. He smiled as stood up so he could kiss me. 
“Baby I always come with you,” he winked. “Speaking of, what are you doing right now?” 
I grinned back, “You?”
“Yes, definitely me.” We skipped the party; we had more interesting things to do.
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