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I got tagged by @xx-eneri-xx in her gorgeous set:

So basically in this tag, you create a set on couples you'd wish were together and tag 5 people or how ever many you want ;)

George Craig is the lead singer in my favourite band of the moment One Night Only, and I just love Emma Watson ever since she was in Harry Potter and I loved her role in BBC's Ballet Shoes as well. I've already mentioned she's my favourite actress :) So they are the perfect couple in my book, and also they’ve modelled for Burberry and I love Burberry! I wished they were together. I know George is with Diana Vickers (X-Factor runner up) right now and I’m happy for him. But I just really loved George and Emma together. I think they’re just so gorgeous together. I love them both :) beautiful, lovely, down to earth, talented people. 

Now I’m going to tag: 
I hope you don't mind! Feel free to dismiss this tag if you want. 
I just wanted to say thank you for all these birthday sets I’ve been receiving :’) I didn’t expect them, so thank you very much, I feel touched by all your kindness :’) I’ll definitely have to make a set to thank you al, it has definitely cheered me up from my bad day at Uni today! 

My bad day today really isn’t worth talking about...I would rant, but that would be annoying, almost like Bella moaning about having to drive an expensive car. Anyway I can’t compare, it’s completely different situation. It was basically my tutor who was really pushing my buttons and it was really unnecessary. If you’re going to criticize me, that’s fine. I can take criticism, but it’s putting me really down and making me miserable that I won’t take. And the thing that really bothers me the most is that my tutor favours two students in my knitwear class and I hate favouritism because it’s unfairness. 
Studying fashion is just really...harsh. I've always said we all live in a harsh world, because nothing in life is going to be easy. You have to work hard for it. And that's what I'll need to do to survive. (If I get that far).

Anyway, getting a Nikon D3100 tomorrow :) It's going to be handy when I start filming my 2 minute advertisement for Topshop. :) 
I've decided it's Nikon!
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