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this set is for emma. although i didn't know her, i felt the need to create a set for her. rest in peace bby #ripemma 

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i got tagged by @c-hristinep thanks

-	General:
Birthday: july 22nd
Gender: female 
Relationship Status: single
Zodiac Sign: cancer 
Siblings: two
Favourite Colour: navy
Pets: one, dog
Wake Up and Go To Sleep Times: 7am and 10pm
Love or Lust: lust
Day or Night: night
Text or Call: text
Light or Dark Hair: dark
Intelligence or Attraction: intelligence 
City or Country: city
-	Makeup:
Lipbalm or Lipstick: lipstick
Mascara or Eyeliner: mascara
Bronzer or Blush: bronzer
Powder Foundation or Liquid Foundation: liquid  
Nars or M.A.C: nars 
Natural or Bold: natural
Pink Lips or Red Lips: red
Dark Eye Shadow or Light Eye Shadow: both
Drug Store or High End: what is high end?
-	Fashion:
Cardigans or Coats: cardigans 
Boyfriend Jeans or Skinny Jeans: both
Stripes or Dots: stripes
Hats or Beanies: hats
Sunglasses or No Sunglasses: no sunglasses 
Singlets or T-Shirts: t-shirts  
Skirts or Pants: skirts 
Dresses or Overalls: overalls 
Heels or Flats: heels 
Converse or Nikes: nikes 
Baggy or Tight: tight 
-	Food:
Cooking or Baking: cooking 
Coke or Pepsi: coke
Smoothies or Milkshakes: ew
Cupcakes or Biscuits: cupcakes 
Spicy or Not Spicy: not spicy 
Fried or Baked: both
-	Technology:
Apple or Samsung: samsung 
Computer or TV: computer
Headphones or Earphones: headphones  
iPod Touch or iPad: ipad
XBox or PlayStation: playstation
Video Games or Computer Games: computer games
Twitter or Tumblr: tumblr
Facebook or YouTube: youtube

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