empire state of mind; katherine cartier

+Katherine [Kat] Cartier; 21
MODEL: Miranda Kerr
RELATIONSHIP STATUS: Single, pursuing Sam Hayes
OCCUPATION: Student, currently in search of a job
OTHER RELATIONSHIPS: Currently rooming with Remy. Used to be very close friends with Sam.
BIOGRAPHY: Katie, the youngest of her friends as well as the most naïve, grew up in a world of wealth and high society, thanks to her debutante and social butterfly of a mother and successful businessman of a father. She was a spoiled and sheltered child, but she always had an incredibly sweet and mild-tempered disposition. She is extremely caring and considerate of others, although she can be too trusting of people (being an idealist is something that has gotten her in trouble before). She enjoys junk food, especially Oreos—one of the many things she was forbidden to eat as a child. She’s friendly, easy to talk to, and a lovely person to have as a friend. Her father raised her with the expectation that she would become a doctor, part of the fourth generation of Cartier physicians, even though she always had a passion for writing. However, on graduation day, she made the impulsive decision to leave behind her family and friends to move to New York City, in search of the one person who understood her—Sam Hayes (former best friend turned successful billionaire). And now, after transferring to NYU for her junior year, she’s on her own. With no financial support from her very disapproving parents, Kat seeks out help from her new friends.

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