im never on and im in a not great place right now but here's a tag that a (real life) doll // @professorq tagged me in 

THINGS YOU LIKE: baby goats, creepy things, light pink stuff but with dirt and blood smeared on it, dolls, abandoned buildings/homes, cemeteries (the older the better), witchy things, bunnies, candles and incense, and ghost shows
ABOUT YOURSELF: ppl call me cat, im a virgo sun taurus moon/dom and sagg rising, i love watching ghost and murder shows, I'm not religious but i love religious imagery, recently i started practicing witchcraft, specifically kitchen witchcraft so far. My favorite placement of mine is my scorpio mars

CURRENT OOTD: My black nicole dollanganger shirt that has a coffin with her controlling a little skeleton puppet thing, pair of black leggings, and some halloween socks, I also have my pink glasses on because I couldn't be bothered to put contacts in this morning 
FIVE THINGS IN ARM REACH: my kitten ophelia, some crystals, my dolls, witch baby soap products, and a blue red bull 
WHAT DO YOU LOOK LIKE: i have black hair that is curly and sorta long, I have green eyes and I'm 5'3. The right side of my nose is pierced and recently switched from a ring to an opal stud. I'm always covered in bruises and scratches because im a clumsy mess. 

my style is really weird and mixed up, but overall I wish I could dress like nicole dollanganger, alicesnow, or milliedollgraves. Creepy, cute, vintage. I love plaid and velvet. Really wished i owned a lot of dark green or black dresses. But I usually just wear tee shirts and hoodies with ill-fitting jeans.  
SPARE TIME: playing video games, writing, visiting cemeteries, reading scary stories, thrifting, baking, driving around at night, roaming around n taking polaroids with my friend, and mostly dreaming up stuff that'll never happen

FEARS: things with elongated limbs, spiders, being under very deep water/water I can't see the bottom of, new social situations, being admitted to hospitals, long term commitment lol
Black bear, fox academy, neck deep, Nicole Dollanganger, kali uchis, childish gambino, fall out boy, blink 182, (old) panic at the disco, melanie martinez,  // im nobodys baby - judy garland, I'm like a lawyer - fob, I love the entire hairspray soundtrack/grease soundtrack, please hurt me - the crystals, dirty laundry - black bear 
PET PEEVES: when ppl continue to say the months their baby is after they r a year old,,stop saying that,, if they are 23 months they r two. Telling me what to do with my appearance/to do things that are none of ur business. Lots of people talking all at once with a tv on at the same time, too much stimulus. Ppl telling me how I feel lol (hint: unless i explicitly tell u how i feel, then u don't know, bottom line, so don't act like u do know and then tell ME I'm wrong about my emotions)

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