Please don't be in love with someone else, please don't have somebody waiting on you... 

I was never in love with someone else. I never had somebody waiting on me. Cause you were all of my dreams come true, and I just wish you knew, Taylor I was so in love with you.

AWW!!!!! So you know the song, "Enchanted," right? Well apparently it was about this guy, Adam Young (from Owl City!), and he did a sort of response song to her! Sooooo cute! So here's the link for Enchanted: 

And here's the link for the response song: 

How adorable is that?!<3

So I got the idea for this off Tumblr, someone had made something similar to this, and it was such a great idea! So credit to the origninal idea(:


100% beachchickxoxo's edit! ~ Please Don't Use! Thanks(:

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