endless summer nights.

• Name: Lauren Adela-Rose St. DeLarsen
• Nickname: Laurie Bear, {by close friends.}
• DOB: December 8, on 11:3O pm exact.
• POB: In snow covered Umeå,Sweden.
•Places Lived: Umeå,Sweden, Oslo, Norway,Helsinki,Finland, Lyon,France,Hamburg,Germany, Paris, France,Bern, Switzerland.
{currently residing in Oslo.}
• Orgins: 5O % swedish 5O% norwegian
• Appearances: below {erica mohn kvam. edit- she stands at 5'2 }
• Personality: Lauren is your typical wild teenager. Lauren is bubbly, wild, and at times, blunt. She speaks what she thinks, and isn't very street smart. She is very kind, generous,she forgives people easily, and loves to give to the less fortunate. She gets pressured to do things easily, and anybody can manipulate her into doing the dumbest things, which is why she got sent here in the first place.
• Likes/Dislikes:
Likes- singing/shopping/social media/ music/fashion/parties/ friends/dancing/apple products/God/smiles/yoga/ballet/ broadway music/fireworks/field hockey/snow/winter/homemade swedish pastries/ american movies/ action films/ lace/ all things pink/ spicy food/ european history/ jogging/family/meeting new people/
Dislikes- disease/ death/ biznatches/ nails that are overgrown/ perverts/ boring people/ snobs/ american country music/ horror movies.
• Hobbies: Singing, dancing {mostly ballet}, cheer, hockey,gymnastics.
• Talents: Singing, dancing, hockey, cheer.
• Short Biography: Lauren opened her springtime green eyes on a cold december evening in Umeå,Sweden. As a young child, Lauren never had fit in because she kept on moving from place to place, causing her to only have few if any close friends at the time. Lauren felt forgettable and lonely for her first 12 years of life, and focused on her singing,dancing, and studies for the time being. Lauren learnt fluent French,German, and Finnish from her constant moves though. When her family moved to Oslo, Norway permanently, Lauren got to do all the things she dreamed of. She joined a cheer team, played on a field hockey team, and joined the school choir, and drama club.Suddenly her life became much better. Just when things became nearly perfect, her ex-boyfriend pressured her into doing 'it', and got caught in the act. In the blink of an eye, Lauren was sent here and forced to start over again.
• Family: polyvore.com/cgi/collection?id=230 4023
Agnetha St. DeLarsen //44//Norway's first female Ambassador to the UN
Olav St. DeLarsen//45// C.E.O of Snabb mobile {the first Scandinavian mobile carrier of the iPhone}
Alexander St. DeLarsen//7// Student
Aiden St. DeLarsen//5// Student

• Possessions:
Her pink macbook pro with the jewels on top.
Her white iPhone 5, and its four pink cases.
Her barbie pink volkswagen beetle.
Her white iPad mini in black, with its pink case.
• Academic Information: Despited Lauren's lack of street smarts, she is a brilliant student. She gets straight A's as high as a 98% percent in history, to a 92% in math. She averages around a 3.9O. Her reading level is two years ahead of her year, and she is good at math but not great.
• Flaws: Lauren gets manipulated to things easily. She trusts people too much, and she doesn't realize it. She also tends to be blunt which sometimes hurts other people's feelings.
• Secrets: She doesn't talk about what happened with her ex- boyfriend a secret from friends. She had a surgery to repair a hole in her heart two years ago, that is also kept a secret from only her friends, but her distant family.
• How Active are you? 8 usually, but for these few weeks, probably a seven and a half.

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