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Day Five | Your Favorite Band
I'll admit I fangirl over boy bands like One Direction and the Jonas Brothers. I listen to alternative bands like Beirut and the Local Natives. Green Day was the first band I bought every CD of theirs. But no band will ever come close to the Beatles for me. I'm not going to say I've loved them my whole life because honestly I haven't. I mean I grew up listening to them, but it's not like they ever stood out to me. That was until I watched Nowhere Boy and I started becoming fascinating with their story and life. I dusted off the guitar my godfather had given me the year before and was inspired to practice more. I started to play the piano again. I would sit for hours at a time wanting to learn how to play 'Lady Madonna'. They're the reason I love music and why I love it even more now. They truly have had probably the biggest influence on the music industry. It amazes me that a band that existed 50 years ago is the thing that influences me so much. I've stopped listening to popular music just to fit in. I listen to music because I love it and it inspires me. My iTunes was once filled with Bruno Mars, B.O.B., and Flo Rida. Now those are long gone and instead it's filled with classics like Buddy Holly, Elvis, Frank Sinatra, and Johnny Cash. Not to mention John Lennon inspires me not only musically but as a whole. Yes, he was sort of a douchelord/as.shole but I tend to admire those sort of men. I listen to the song 'Imagine' and that's exactly what my "political" views are. I swear watching footage of them performing I'm convinced I should have grown up during the late 1950s/early 1960s in England. I would do anything to wear party dresses everyday with pearls and listen to music on a record player. Every time I watch Nowhere Boy I'm nostalgic for a time I've never lived in. 

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