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trend alert: corset dresses 
I was tagged by iiina, so this set is for her.Also for Aldo Contest:)
4 things that brighten your day:
- Music!
- People that i love
- Chocolate
- unexpected good things

4 things that make you upset or uncomfortable:
- Unfairness
- Narcist People
- Lie
- Losing a friend

4 songs i heard recently:
- Girls Love Shoes- Bad Girl
- Michael Jackson- Keep in the Closet
- Tim Booth- Dance of the Bad Angels
- The Doors- The Changeling

4 favorite items you own:
-My dreams
-My laptop
-My photo camera
-My books

4 things you'd love to do again:
- Go to Paris
- See Duft Punk
- Celebrate my birthday in another country
- Modelling

4 things you'd like to do when you grow up:
- Become a fashion editor
- move to Paris
- learn French
- swim with dolphins

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