{Harry POV} Niall stood there, clenching and unclenching his large hands. I bet on my grave that he is just wondering how he should kill me. His breathing was abnormal, eyes shooting me looks of daggers. I glanced my eyes over to Hallie, who was still on the bed with me, and she was staring me down with an expression only readable as petrified. Niall’s, on the other hand, expression had death written all over it. 

To my complete surprise, Hallie stood up slowly, and placed a hand of Niall’s heaving chest. “Niall, baby, it’s not what it looks like.” He shot her a disgusted look, and pushed her off him, while she landed in a corner. My eyebrows furrowed with anger, nobody does that to a woman. “What in god’s name were you two doing?” I gulped, and opened my mouth to say something, but my eyes widened when I saw Niall smirking down at me. He wasn’t going to allow me to finish my sentence, let alone start it. 

His fist swung directly into my jaw, making me fly about two feet off the bed and into a corner opposite Hallie. I backed deeper into it, not that it was any use. Whimpering loudly, Niall grew strength along with adrenaline and began kicking me directly in the stomach. I groaned, doubling over in pain. My legs were pulled up against my chest, and I hugged them out of instinct. “I didn’t kiss her!” Niall laughed, gripping the hem of his shirt. “I saw you, traitor!” 

Hallie began crying in the corner, and almost instantly, Niall’s eyes changed from stormy grey to their normal sea blue state. Anger powered over him yet again, however, completely ignoring her plea of sadness. He punched me once again, and my head took a turn for the worst. 

My bone hit another, finding my spot, and overwhelming darkness took over. The last thing I heard, were the shrieked words, “Harry! Wake up!” A blurred image was sent to my mind, and my heart suddenly was filled with extreme fiery pain. Kitty wants me to wake up, and I just cant. With a kick to the groin, it sent me directly knocked out cold. 


{Kitty POV} “What in hells name was that for Niall?!” He had hauled Hallie and I by our wrists, he completely forgot about my cutting issues, and into our room. “He kissed my girlfriend! Deserved it, the traitor.” He growled, fire racing through his eyes. My eyes widened, did he seriously do that to Niall? Hallie stepped in, “But he didn’t kiss me!” I shot a look at Niall. 

“Wait, are you serious?” He said slowly, eyes flickering back to their normal selves. She nodded rapidly, and Niall cursed to himself. “Crap, I thought-“ Hallie slapped him hard across the face. “What was that for?!” Niall shrieked, though Hallie and I both knew the purpose. “That’s exactly how Harry feels. Well, was feeling.” My heart pained, feeling extreme pity for Harry. He didn’t deserve what was coming to him, and he couldn’t have stopped it either. And to think, he might be dead this very moment. 

I shook my head, “You two, share this room. I’m switching with Hallie.” Niall nodded, “When you need something, just come over.” Hallie threw the first aid kit I brought and I trudged out the door. Dashing through my new rooms door, so I wouldn’t be caught, I found Harry in the farthest corner, dried blood on his shirt. Running over, I tripped on a pillow and flew onto Harry.

He stirred slightly, a small whimper escaping his lips, before he blacked out once again. Realization hit me as I noticed that I had just made it worse, and I cursed to myself. Pulling the white and red t-shirt off him, my breath hitched in my throat and my lungs caved in. His features were tense, and muscles nearly made me melt. I wiped his stomach with the disinfecting wipes, and they were nearly soaked. With just enough to spare, I put the shirt back on him. 

Fiddling with my thumbs, I cleared my throat grabbing a water bottle from the bed and drinking out of it. Harry’s mouth was hanging slightly parted, and I made him drink some water. Several droplets went down the side of his mouth, when I realized that it wasn’t water. He was crying in his sleep, crying hard. He definitely wasn’t awake, and I couldn’t stand him crying. Yet he looked so pretty crying, I just stared at him in disbelief and slight awe.

 “Kitty,” he mumbled and my eyes widened. He’s calling for me. “Kitty,” As the crying died down, he began to shout my name. “Kitty!” He sounded exactly like he was having a nightmare. “Harry,” I whispered, and cupped his face. I studied him, before planting a soft kiss on his lips. It was almost magical, and I could feel myself getting warmer by the second. This has been my dream for all my life, to kiss him. And I’ve only realized how much I needed it. 

My heart stopped as I felt his eyelashes fluttering and I jumped closing the door as he woke up. My chest heaved up and down, I love Harry Styles. He doesn’t love me, and I am going to hide my feelings for however long it takes. “I love Harry,” I whispered to myself, and a tear trailed down my cheek. “And he doesn’t love me back.”


do you love it? I do c: @ss2121
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