Name: Elle Chanel Westwick
Age: 15
Grade: Sophomore
Hometown: Kenilworth, IL and Manhattan, NY
Short Bio: Liza was born, beautiful and amazing with god-given talents. Her mother, Jennifer, got her into Ballet and acting. She as a phenomenal student, a prodigy if you must. Her mother's favorite. And then came Elle. Beautiful, also amazing, but not in her mother's eyes. Her mother loved her, but favored Liza. However, Rick seems to favor Elle. Liza may get more publicity, but guess who gets all the fancy cars and Hermes bags? Elle. Elle has grown into quite a spectacular girl with looks that make the whole room stop and stare. Shes cold. Very cold. People think that she has had a perfect life. But they would be wrong to assume so. Her life was filled with hardships and secrets and things that even she couldn't imagine, and still hasn't.
Family: Rick Westiwick, Jennifer Westwick, and Liza Westwick
Secret: Ever notice those piercing qualities of both her aprents that Liza has? Ever notice how Elle takes on Rick's looks...and some other "unique" features? Lets just say that Rick got lonely on a business trip about 15 years ago. Her real mommy. Victoria Ammison, billionaire, heiress,and her mother's arch enemy. I wonder what will happen if Elle finds out. No wonder daddy favors her...
Appearance: A fair, yet tan complexion with dark hair that sets off her blue eyes that literally look right through you as if she knew all your secrets. She has perfect teeth. (Thanks invisalign.) Her lips are full and naturally pink. Her body is toned and quite skinny, but not to the point where her bones stick out like branches on a tree. Shes a very natural beauty.
Personality: Elle makes you feel special when she accepts you. Like you belong. She'll make you feel like your exclusive and then she'll squeeze out that dark past like its that last bit of toothpaste. And if your not "special" or "accepted". Good luck... Shes picky. Shes mean. And she doesn't give a care. Not one care.
Hobbies: Horse back riding, shopping, driving in her Porshe and Lambourgini, using daddy's credit card, and making you feel horrid or wonderful.
5 Favorite Things: Hermes Birkin's, cars, Amex cards, Her boyfriend, and anything couture.
Why should you be a founder?: I think that she is very oganised. She either loves you or hates you. Shes sort of manipultive and such. Honestly, she has what it takes. I've been in the club a long time and getting to be a founder would be...amazing. It would be an honor and I promise to be active.
5 ideas for the club, or your clique: I think that whatever clique Elle gets into she could bring a lot to the table. Elle's going to be turning 16 very soon (sweet 16 par-tay!), I think it would be fun to see when Elle finds out who her real mother is will she fall apart or become even more popular..? Another few ideas are having themed parties, for the Rush day she would do something crazy and make you want to join the club indefinitely. The initiation into her club, lets just say...would be crazy! A real test of character...and then she would give you each a necklace with your name and your chosen nicknames. Each week I think it would fun to post a list of best dressed and favorite. If your on the bottom the girls basically treat you horrid. I think that it would also be fun to plan a thing where Elle invites her favorite people in the clique to go on a trip with her to Manhattan. People would claw over it and fight constantly. Yeah...I'm full of ideas.
As a potential founder, do you promise to be as active as you possibly can?: Of course. Like... OF COURSE. OF FREAKING COURSE.
Anything Else?: I'm so excited dude. SO EXCITED!!! TEE HEE! ^_^

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