{ Name:: } ♥Estelle Marie Voltaire♥
{ Nickname: } Essie, Ess
{ Age:: } 17
{ Hometown:: } Paris, France
{ Nationality:: } French
{ Class:: } Only the fairest of them all... High.
- - - - -
{ Motto:: } Primadonna Girl, All I Ever Wanted Was The World
{ DOB:: } November 16th (Yes, her parents fxxked on Valentines Day)
{ POB:: } France, of course darling.
{ Appearance:: } Barbara Palvin, shown below.
{ Personality:: } 'Primadonna Girl, all I ever wanted was the world...' Hello. This, is Essie. Many of you may know her as the cold-hearted bxxtch who always gets everything she wants. Many of you may wonder, -"why is her life so perfect?'-. Oh, shut up. Her life and herself may seem perfect from the outside, but darling, you know /nothing/ of Estelle Marie Voltaire. My, my, she’s the most independent person you could meet. Sure, she has those friends, are they real? Yeah, okay, she can sometimes mess with guys, but is it true love? Essie’s personality can change on a time, but let me tell you, darling, you better not get on her bad side.

- - - -
{ Biography:: } Estelle came as a Blessing to her mother and father, yes indeed, but let’s just say she wasn’t very ‘expected.’ As soon as she opened her Big blue eyes on a cold, winter morning, her parents knew she was destined for greater things than rainy Europe. After all, Europe couldn’t even bare to handle her, no, no. To this day she still has the slightest bit of an Accent, but just enough for anyone to know where she comes from. Her mother is a retired Supermodel, you can tell by Essie’s looks. How her long brow curls cascade perfectly down her back, or how her blue eyes sparkle and shine, all of the time. And darling, DEFENITLY by her body. Yes, she’s but only seventeen years young. And her father is a big-time fashion designer, so Essie is always dressed in the latest trends, and expensive clothes. Everyone wants to be like her, she has it all. Everything was too 'fairytail' to be true. But it was, and she grew up living the best life a person could have. Being the best is in her blood. She was born a Beauty, and is always on the top. Hmm... But is everything a little ‘too’ perfect? Why yes, yes it is. Why, you may ask? I guess you’ll just have to find out...
{ Likes / Dislikes:: } Likes; Boys, Boys, and Boys, Starbucks, Flirting, iPhone’s, Coco Chanel, Long walks on the Beach, Horseback riding, Kissing on the First Date, Late night Skinny Dipping, People with Class, Loubouittons, and Dance. Dislikes; Fakes & Plastics, but dear, has she looked in the mirror?
{ Family Members:: }
Father; Christian Voltaire~42~Big Time Fashion Designer in Paris
Mother; The Gorgeous Antoinette Voltaire~40~Retired Supermodel
{ Flaws:: } Let’s just cut to the chase.. Essie has an eating disorder. No, love, she does not starve herself, but instead just won’t eat in public. She sneaks food whenever she’s alone.
{ Hopes for the Future:: } Where shall we begin? Essie has MANY hopes, and dreams. But, just like any other teenage girl, she hopes to be rich and famous, and of course just being happy. Is that so much to ask for?
{ Secret:: } THAT is what you'll just have to find out, love.
{ Clique:: } Any that will suit my charrie

- - - - -

{ Do you have a Polyvore Account?:: } Yes
{ Activeness:: } 10/10
Puh-lease darling, I was BORN a model.

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Wrote three years ago
@gabrilejandraa Nope, wasn't really planning on it since this character was made 100% by mwah. Great minds think alike! Hey, our Charrie's must be a lot alike!(:

Wrote three years ago
(: are you going to give me credit for part of this character's information? I see some things that I wrote myself for /my/ characters here. @luvkylots


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