+ Name : Elle Elizabeth Westwick
+ Age : 16
- - - -
+ Appearance : Blake Lively: So Elle has this hair thats AMAZING. Its blonde like her mothers and literally cascades like a waterfall. Its wavy and beachy- very SoCal! She has legs that go for days. They have a sun kissed glow, actually her whole body emanates this glow. She has a long nose, not too big, not too small. Her feet are a size 9, hey- she's tall. Speaking of tall, she stands at 5'10" or 1.78 m. She has grey-blue eyes like aquamarine diamonds. They stare right through you...
+ Hometown : UES, Manhattan, NY
+ Family : Her mother: Cindy Westwick-47-International Supermodel
Father- Robert Westwick- Actor-47
- - - -
+ Likes and Dislikes : Elle likes a lot of things...cute guys, couture (uh, duh.), Chanel because she says it makes everyone feel like a princess! She likes Dior, kittens, puppies, a good lipgloss, and non-fake people..
She dislikes her social status on the UES at a teen socialite...being watched all the time. Every waking moment. She also hates little things, like when you hair sticks to your lipgloss! She hates fake people and hates plastic surgery or any body altering surgeries...
+ Short biography : Elle grew up rich, just like everyone else. Except everything was magnified. The fame. We all want it, and when we get it- at first its great, but then it wraps you up. Society decides exactly who you are and must be. You begin to have no choice. Thats what happened to Elle. So, she's left the land of glittering lights, gossip, hampton boys and their cars in for the weekends, and her fame. She got the best in life. Always. And she liked being adorned in couture at the age of 5. She was actually quite the little diva. And even when she was younger, she made headlines. 'Supermodel's daughter Elle all dressed up!' 'Elle Westwick, Hermes bag?' She was like the Suri Cruise of the 90's and early 00's. Though when she got older and the tabloids the tabloids became her worst nightmare. Documenting everything she did, though she did enjoy being called "Hottest young socialite" it ruined her whole life plan. And being the control freak she was, she got got mad about it. She wanted to be model and now her whole life was looking in the other direction. So, she decided to take a break from the whole scene...though I can't say that the tabloids won't follow her. They /did/ follow her to Spain earlier this year... Being one of the hottest socialites has its perks though, since Elle is going away to a place where having a town car or limo pick you up isn' exactly practical...shes gotten two cars, one for warmer weather and one for colder weather. A Lamborghini and a Range Rover. Basically, Elle is known as being in the top 1% of the country and being a socialite.
+ Personality : Elle is sweet, but she's driven...so when your not in her circle or she doesn't deem you good enough- she's icy. Its nothing personal...its just her personality. Ah, never mind- it /is/ personal.
+Secrets: Well, she's sort of mad about not being a model sensation, instead being a socialite...But, she hides that really well. Whats the real secret? Remember that trip to Spain that told of her partying? Theres one thing that the tabloids didn't find out...or did her mother pay them to make it go away? No one shall know that one. Anyways, Elle was married. SHOCKER. But, yes. Apparently the guy was really good looking, but she settled it and got a divorce. But, no one else knows. You know what they say, money makes the world go 'round. And in Elle's case it hides drunk marriages too.

- - - -
+ Strengths and Weaknesses : My god, where do we start? Well she it a very strong model, but will the world ever see her as that? Probably not... That leads us to her weakness. She's insecure. Plain and simple. The rest are just little things.
strong points: modeling, gifting, partying, having fun
weak points: being nice to complete losers, being insecure...
*+ Clique Choice : Alphas I guess...
- - - -
+ Anything extra? : no....BUT I'M SO EXCITED IM GOING TO EXPLODE!

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