So, hi everyone. I'm Halle and I just joined GWW. I'm pretty excited. I think the contest every week thing is kinda cool. But anywho my character's name is Erin and here's her info....

Name: Erin Davis, 21
Hometown: Brooklyn, New York
Previous jobs: waitressing, librarian
Bio: Erin’s always been average. At least that’s what she considers herself. There’s nothing astonishing about her. She got decent grades in high school, had a few friends but none she really liked, and on the weekends she usually just stayed home and read. Not much has changed. However, in the past few months she’s become a Victoria’s Secret angel, definitely not average. She’s not sure how this happened. After some convincing from her parents she sent in some model applications and somehow got picked up by one of the biggest names in the world. Something about Erin changes when she’s on the stage or in front of the cameras. She becomes anything but average. To say the least she loves it but she feels like it won’t last.
Model: Caroline Trentini
(optional) Collection: I don’t have enough time to make one right now but if I get the part I’ll for sure make one.

So yeah, introduce yourselves and your characters and tell me what I've missed maybe?

☆ Thursday :
Happy Turkey Day girls! Maybe catch a flight back home to visit the family or maybe stay here in NYC if you're not one of us Americans. Either way, enjoy some turkey, stuffing, and pumpkin pie, and try not to eat yourself into a food coma!

I have a super short story but it is thanksgiving. I've been too busy eating to write ;) Oh and my character has a man friend and his name is Ash and Sean O'pry is the model.


My family surrounded me around the dining table, mom and dad, Jeanie(my older sister), my crazy aunt and her quiet husband and grandpa and grandpa. Ash was seated next to me. His family was back in Oklahoma and he didn’t have the money to visit this Thanksgiving so I offered an invite to my families’, all native New Yorkers. We were a lively bunch, all with strong but different personalities. I was worried Ash would be overwhelmed but he was hanging in just fine, possibly even enjoying himself. Maybe it was just the wine speaking.

Dad cut into the Turkey with a cigar dangling out of his mouth. He was an avid smoker, always bickering about how they should’ve never changed the no smoking law in restaurants. The apartment always reeked of smoke but I couldn’t complain. I’d grown to love it. It wasn’t exactly the ideal home scent, no apple pie or lemon pledge here, but it was comforting to me. The other dishes, sweet potatoes being my favorite, were being passed around the table. I shoveled out big spoonfuls of everything on to my plate until there was no room left. Being a model meant I had to watch my wait but f.uck it, with my high metabolism I’d be fine and it was Thanksgiving after all. 

Once everyone had a plateful of food we joined hands and prayed. I wasn’t a big believer in God but my mom was uber religious so I went with it. Afterwards we all went around and shared what we were thankful for. It was a corny family tradition but I liked it just like the smoky aroma. It was home.

- Erin
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