Envelopes, Cards, & Paper - May 2015

Collection featuring Forever 21 Stationery, A2 by Aerosoles Stationery, and 198 other items


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Wrote 10 months ago
Wonderful collection! Thanks for sharing!

Wrote one year ago
great collection - thanks for sharing! =)

Wrote one year ago
I am so happy that you like my collections. Unfortunately some people do not understand that polyvore is the wild west. Everything is up for grabs.
The only thing that should be frowned upon is, and it is, straight copying someone's set. Only one person said something to me about 6 months after I joined. It was extremely annoying and I must admit I never like this person's items or sets, this way they can not accuse me of taking their items or sets.
I am adding new collections today, take a look at them.

Wrote one year ago
It is such a pleasure to follow you and I want to thank you for sharing! I almost left polyvore because of the backlash of liking some items and I was not feeling so creative anymore then you posted the invitation to "shop in your stores" and it was nice to hear words of encouragement and I grateful to you to feel inspired here once again! @lynnspinterest, @polyvore-editorial


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