For Full Chapter 12
Eotteohke? I’m stuck with a 2-faced Idol!!!:

The boys look at three of them curiously.
Sung Jong: Wahhh! The foods are delicious!! Noona!! You improve a lot!!
Woo Hyun laughed.
Sung Jong: What’s wrong hyung?
Woo Hyun: Nothing.. 
Woo Hyun covers his mouth. Hye Yi hissed.
Hye Yi: Yea! 
Dong Woo: I know.. Hye Yi didn’t cook the dishes today. That’s why it tastes so good!! Sunggyu hyung.. Woo Hyun both of you are the one who cook all of this right?
Sunggyu slightly nodded.
Woo Hyun: It’s so obvious. We are the best in cooking.
Woo Hyun says proudly. Hye Yi gives a deadly stare to him. She took a deep breath.
Hye Yi: Sung Yeol, pass me the bananas. I want one. I don’t feel like eating anymore.
Sung Yeol: But.. Noona..
Hye Yi: What? Faster!!
Sung Yeol hesitates but eventually passes her the bananas. She plucks one of it and wanted to bite but she suddenly remembers that she and Sung Yeol made a prank with the bananas.
Hye Yi: Damn it.. 
She mumbles. The boys look at her curiously.
Hoya: Noona, are you alright?
Hye Yi: Yea.. I just don’t feel like eating anymore. 
Hye Yi put the banana down. 
Sunggyu: I eat it then.
Sunggyu wanted to take but Hye Yi suddenly shouted.
Hye Yi: No. You can’t eat!! I’m hungry again.
Hye Yi took a bite of the bananas and her expression changes. She looks at Sung Yeol.
Hye Yi: You seriously added too much..
Hye Yi mumbles. Woo Hyun notices something was wrong and snatches her bananas away.
Woo Hyun: I bought those.. You can’t eat!!
Woo Hyun took the bananas away from her. He took a bite but he didn’t give any reaction. Hye Yi looks at him.
Hye Yi: Why..
Sunggyu looks at both of them. Dong Woo nudges L.
Dong Woo: Three of them are acting really weird. They are giving a weird atmosphere.
L: I know.. 
L continues eating his food.
Dong Woo: What’s wrong with him now?
Sung Jong: Hyung.. Hyung.. You just don’t get it don’t you?
Sung Jong smiled.
Dong Woo: What? 

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