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Guuuys, something unbelievable happened. ALY & AJ aka 78VIOLET CELEBRATE THEIR COMEBACK THIS YEAR! Ooomg, I am so happy about that. I was so unhappy as I found out that they split and now they are BACK! :D How cool is that? You should check out their new single 'Bullet' - Yep, I love it! :D

So I was tagged by @hijabikebabi in her amazing set to admit 25 facts about me who nobody wants to know. Hmm...that's a challenge! LET'S DO IT! Arrr! :D

1. I am a total funk! :D I mean really if it's just a bit scary I am totally afraid! xD The thing is that I love to scare somebody else but if the person is so scared - then I am too. So I can scare myself - somehow and that's weird! :D

2. I am always close-fisted with my gift voucher! If I like something from that store I feel thinking 1983474 hours untill I made a decision! 

3. I had one year latin at school ... never again!

4. I hate it when some stupid persons let the tap flow even if it's just a bit ... I totally freak out by that. Hello? Are they too stupid to shut off?

5. My favourite plant is lavender. I heard if you smell it before going to bed you can sleep better. I tried it once ... it didn't work!

6. I am a english-freak. It's my favourite language and my favourite subject at school - well, it was untill we got a new teacher...then it turned into a torture what is a real pity because I actually love it.

7. I think I am totally average and that I don't attract attention...which needn't be bad! 

8. In the morning I always drink a 'Mr. Clou' which is a smoothie with banana, kiwi and orange juice. Selfmade of course! :-)

9. I love poems - but in german I always misinterpret them.

10. I hate maths and it's the only subject where I definitely not good!

11. I like to dress up fashionable and think I also got some good ideas but I am not brave enough to wear them at school. So I'm choosing my favourite sweater, denim jacket, pants and boots! BEEST!

12. I wish my hair would look like that from Lana del Rey. The length and the way it falls's like *WOOOOW* - if I look into the mirror it's like *WTF?*

13. I am collecting all kind of pictures which inspires me - then I pin them at my pin board!

14. If I got a picture which inspires me I sometimes search on the internet for it and then must determine that it's too expensive. -.- So I decide to do it on myself - so I bought for example two Levi's Jeans by Ebay to cut the perfect hot pants ... but I am too afraid to do it wrong so they are banned in my wardrobe.

15. I am a reader. I love books.

16. I think I am boring. Everybody goes on parties on weekends while I am watching movies! :D

17. I've got an apple tree directly infront of my room by the window front. It calls 'Apple tree'.

18. I don't like smiling with teeth. Actually I think I look like a rabbit if I do! xD

19. I bricked my beloved iPod at the airport of Hamburg to London...that was HORRIBLE! It went through the x-rays and I totally forgot that my iPod had a hard disk which you have to put in a seperate box and so it broke and I was like asdfg WHYYYYY?

20. My mum give me a journey diary on St Nicholas' Day but I didn't write anything into it yet...Maybe it's because I don't travel that often.

21. I hate it when the teachers are remembering that holidays are soon and REALLY EVERY TEACHER is writing a test before we go into the holidays. I mean asdfg you had enough time to manage that freaks!!

22. I don't like slutty, arrogant and unfriendly persons...they are so...

23. I love travelling. My target is to travel the whole world untill I die and so the present from my mum on St Nicholas' Day wouldn't be strictly for the birds! :D

24. I think my confirmation photos look horrible. My face is like a tomatoe...what for a day! :D But it was cool anyway! I was nervoes but it was cool!

25. I want to live in a city.

Soooooo I guess that's all! :D Some boring facts about me and hey, I am totally surprised that I manage 25! *standing-ovation*
Well, I gonna tag then (and sorry if you are already tagged - of course you don't have to do it then or if you don't want to - it's okay, nevermind! :D )
@iolitte @kokafor934 @hieuanh @anashe @hannahrox313 @lseed87 @are-you-with-me @wearyourbitchface @oedipus @pastelneon @thestreetwalk 

I think that's all for the moment! Have a awesome week and weekend/holidays!
xxx Sarah

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