The Epic Harry Potter Challenge.

*Name: Nancy Balthazar
*Model: Juno Temple (She's kinda like a thinner, blonde version of me)
*Blood Status: Half-blood. Mom's a muggleborn.

*House: Ravenclaw

*Mom: Rachel Balthazar (Rachel McAdams) - Healer at St. Mungo
*Dad: Heath Balthazar (Heath Ledger) - Died fighting the Death Eaters as an Auror
*Brother: Kristian Balthazar (Chord Overstreet) - Auror. Tonk's Friend.
*Pet: A Puffskein named Mago (wizard in spanish)

*Favorite Teachers: McGonagall and Flitwick
*Favorite Class: Charms
*Favorite Spells:
-Accio: I'm lazy and I'm always losing things
-Colovaria: wouldn't this one be so fun?
-Episkey: first spell ever learned because of my mom.
*Patronus: Lynx

*Best Friend: It probably would be Padma Patil. You know, the book version of Padma, the one that was in Ravenclaw.
I wanted to think Luna would be my best friend, since she's my favorite character. However, although I would get along incredibly well with her, we wouldn't be that close.
I would be friends with a bunch of people, but only with Ron from the Trio (I would be way too shy to approach Harry, and you'll see in a bit why I wouldn't talk with Hermione)
*Enemy: Hermione Granger. Ok, ok, she would not be my 'enemy, enemy', but since I tend to resent people who are smarter than me, I probably would not like her too much.
*Crush: At first it would be Cameron Marshall (Cameron Mitchell) - He's a Hufflepuff prefect of my year. Muggleborn.
Later on, as I start getting along with Luna and Ginny, I get a crush on Ron (one more reason to hate Hermione XD)

*Future job: First working at Madame Malkin's and then setting my own dress robes' shop.
Note: I'm including a short story for each set, kind of like a personal rp for a year at Hogwarts. I miss writing, and I have no time for a roleplay, so I figured this would work.

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