EPIK Academy
Narrator's POV

The class of six year was pitting quietly in the classroom; desk by desk, notebooks on it, and pens in students hands ready to note down teachers words.

Tall figure in vintage looking dress, with strict and serious face expression was looking at them from teacher’s desk. Professor Arha Lee, called also The White Lady due to her pale skin and white her, was about to begin her lecture about powers.

Her own power was the ability to remember everything; unlimited memory. She decided to fill it with the knowledge about different kind of powers; and now she was teaching it.

Before she could start her speech, Yoru’s hand was raised into air.
“Yes?” Arha asked; her voice was dry.
“Teacher, could you tell us about necromancy?” Yoru asked bluntly earning HaMin’s attention. He glared at her mad she mentioned his power; he preferred to stay invisible.

“Today we were going to talk about air powers…” The teacher hesitated, waiting for the student’s begging.
“Teacher, please!”
“Well, if you want to listen about it…Take notes, it will be on the next exam!”

“Necromancy is also called ‘Death Magic’, and is a form of Dark Arts. Necromancer can use his power in communication with the deceased – either by summoning their spirit as an apparition or raising them bodily – for the purpose of divination, imparting the means to foretell future events or discover hidden knowledge. 

If we look at history, we would find few necromancers; all of them where evil and were using their powers to in wrong way. 

Let’s take necromancer Bodescu for ex ample; he was torturing and commanding the dead through various rituals..”

HaMin stopped listening and wanted to vanish from the classroom; listening about all those evil necromancers wasn’t the most pleasant thing to do. HaMin feared that one day he would become just like them a threaten to the world, both of humans and the dead.

He got up and left the classroom, not caring what the teacher and his new classmates were going to think about him.

“Oh, he’s coming!” Yoru shook her friends arm when the girls were sitting in school’s cafeteria during lunch break.
“Who’s coming?” Yonghye looked around, not seeing anyone entering the room.
“HaMin!” When the girl said out loud his name, the boy entered the cafeteria. “How do I look?”
“You look fine.” Yonghye said. „But he looks like if he was going to kill you.”

“Kill me?” Yoru was surprised; she didn’t realize how her curiosity earlier hurt the boy. “Should we join him? He’s going to eat alone again.”
“Eat alone AGAIN? Are you stalking him or something to knew his eating habits?” Yonghye asked already knowing the answer.
Yoru nodded enthusiastically and took Her plate to join the boy; Her friend decided it was safer to stay at her seat. 

“Hi!” Yoru smiled to the boy. “Is this seat taken?” She pointed a empty chair.
“Yes.” He said coldly. “By my ghost friend.”
Yoru looked carefully at the chair to make sure there wasn’t any ghost.
“I think your ghost friend went somewhere.” She said and with hesitation she took the seat (she wasn’t 100% sure that she wasn’t sitting on some invisible spirit. )

“What do you want from me?” 
Hamin surprised Yoru with his hostility.
“I just…want to be friends with you.” She said simply and honesty; this time it was her answer that surprised him.

HaMin looked carefully at her, like if he was waiting to see her bursting into laughter. ‘I just joked! Have you really thought anyone want to be friends with a freak like you?’

But she didn’t say anything like that; she smiled warmly and encouragingly.

“Aren’t you afraid I’ll try to steal your soul? I’m a necromancer.” He asked.
“It’s not the power that forms us – it’s us who use and control it. There’s no rule every necromancer must be evil. You don't have to follow steps of other necromancers, just be yourself!” She said, surprising HaMin even more with her wisdom. 

"Thank you for advise but I still don't want to be friends with you. You annoy me." He said to hide that she impressed him; it was also partially true - her positive spirit and constant smiling was annoying the boy who was usually quite gloomy.
"I'll keep trying to convince you I'm a very good friend."

“Yoru!” Someone called her. 

The girl smiled to HaMin one last time and got up to talk with the person who called her.

The boy observed her; when he had met her first time he thought she was another silly girl in his life. Even after his harsh words she gave him a goodbye smile. 'She's not just silly; she's extraordinary silly' he thought and glanced at Yoru for the last time before leaving the cafeteria. 'I hope her smiling attitude is not contagious'.

Before going to next classes, HaMin contacted with his ghost friend Taec; he believed Yoru deserved some punishment for mentioning his necromancy during the class.
Warm water was slowly slipping on Yoru’s body; the girl was taking shower and thinking about absolutely nothing when she felt that. Her sixth sense warned her the danger was coming. She jumped off the shower like a cat, even though normally she was as clumsy as an elephant in china shop. She grabbed a towel and wrapped in around her body, ready to run away from the bathroom.

“How did you do that?” Male voice asked.
“Who’s here? It’s female’s bathroom!”
“I know.” From one of shower cabins stepped out a tall boy. Who was transparent. “I came here to peek.” He smiled in a way it reminded Yoru of a rat.
“Pervert!” Yoru said. Her sixth sense wasn’t warning her anymore so she knew the boy wasn’t any danger to her. “Ghost-pervert!”
“Yes, it’s me.” He still smiled, proud of being called like that. “But still I’m curious how did you know I was coming?”
“I can sense danger; and ghost is possible danger.”
“So you can always sense when I’m somewhere near? Shame, I really wanted to check what you’re hiding under that towel.” 
“Pabo-ghost-pervert!” She said – not with anger but with amusement in her voice.
“I’ll keep trying.” The ghost winked at her and disappeared.

The next day Yoru dressed herself in a dress, and tried to look as gorgeous as she could. Her friend of course noticed that.
“Why do you look like if you were going on a date?” Yonghye asked, taking another bite of her salad. It was lunch break.
“Oh, he’s coming! I’m going to eat with him, okay?” Yoru asked, getting up happily. Yonghye just like the previous day, saw HaMin entering the cafeteria after some time.
“You can sense when he is approaching just like you can sense approaching danger.” Yonghye noticed.

That one sentence worried Yoru; Her friend was right and that wasn’t a good sign. Yoru’s heart sank for a moment: she liked the boy. But did she liked him enough to ignore her own intuition that was warning her?

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@hellounicorn , I'm about to start writing another chapter that might inspire you as well:)

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I loved the story Unnie ^ ^ you always have such entertaining ones~

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Great update!
Really interested at just what Yoru's sixth sense means when she's around HaJin. c:

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