EPIK Academy RP:
FINALLY! It took me like a week to finish this...OTL...I can’t write anymore...

And I know Joanna wrote that Wufan and Jimin are in rooms with others but it would kind of ruin my idea...and would mean no story for a while xD So sorry! But you can put Tao into the room with the boys ^^


Like every Wednesday after their class, Wufan was waiting in front of the classroom where Jimin had her Biology class. They always went to the little ramyun place near by the campus then visited the cozy coffee shop on their way back, Wufan with an Americano in his hand, Jimin with her strawberry tea or vanilla latte.

He easily spotted the girl - being the tallest in the school was a good point sometimes - as she walked out with her classmates, books hugged tightly to her body like a shell. Wufan didn’t call her name out, he was sure the girl would walk to him like always, she knew their little habit well and also she could feel Wufan close to her.

She looked up suddenly and there was a small smile on her face. It was rare but Wufan really appreciated these moments. He reciprocated the smile but it froze on his face when he spotted a certain someone walking to Jimin.

“You really wanna die?” Wufan looked at Tao with his most dangerous look as the said boy grabbed Jimin’s hand and dragged her away from him. Of course he didn’t really said those words out loud, because it would cause some misunderstanding but he really did want to kill the boy. 

“What are you doing?” Jimin looked at Tao confused. She was so surprised by the fact that the younger boy touched her without any word, she couldn’t fight with him. Not like she would have any chance to win over Tao. The grip around her wrist was tight but it didn’t really hurt her. And even the boy was a bit shorter and smaller compared to Wufan, his tight, black t-shirt and skinny jeans showed the well-toned body under them.

“I want to eat cake and you have to eat cake with somebody else or it wouldn’t be that tasty” Tao turned around for a moment to pout at her, then kept walking toward the small coffee shop near by the school. 

Jimin couldn’t say anything just let herself pulling inside. 

“I want to eat chocolate cake with strawberry!” Tao stared the sweets behind the glass, the waitress looked at him amused. “What do you like noona?” he glanced up at her for a moment.

“She doesn’t like sweets” Wufan’s tall figure towered above him.

“I’ll just drink a tea” Jimin answered, not really caring about Wufan’s appearance and not too friendly tone. “Wanna join?” she decided to ask at the end.

“I’ll have an Americano” he said to the waitress. She nodded and told them to sit down, she would bring their order to the table.

Tao excitedly ran to there beside the windows, pulling Jimin with himself again. Wufan just grunted. She didn’t really let him to touch her and now this kid could do it without any issue. It was not really fair!


It was raining outside heavily, lightnings lit up the room every so often. Jimin pulled her blanket over hear head and closed her eyes shut. Except the thunderbolt and the raindrops knocking on the window, it was quiet in the room. 

She decided to find her music player somewhere on her desk, so she got out off her bed and shuffled toward the desk in the dark. Jimin reached out to grab the player but suddenly she heard a noise in the room. And she felt something.

A pair of glowing eyes were staring at her and she would have screamed, but she’d never been the scared type.

“Tao? What are you doing here?”

“I am scared” the boy whispered.

“Of what?”

“Ghost...” Tao mumbled, Jimin almost couldn’t heat it because of the heavy rain outside. “T-there was a ghost when I went to the bathroom!”

“You should have just gone back to your room, its forbidden to come to the girl’s dorm after the curfew” she said seriously. 

“But the boys laughed at me when they realized I am scared of ghost!” the young boy almost cried.

“The ghosts here are all harmless. They’ll stop scaring you if they realize you are not afraid of them”

“But noona!”

“Go back to your room, Tao” she smiled at him kindly.

“I can’t!I am scared! He will come back!” he grabbed the girl’s arm and a pouted at her.

“Such a big baby” she muttered in Korean with the hope the younger boy can’t understand her. ‘Will you be okay if I walk you back?” Jimin asked him even it was the last thing she wanted.

“Really?” Tao’s eyes lit up suddenly. “You are the best” he smiled as Jimin put on a hoodie then walked out of her room with him.

As they stepped out of the building Jimin already regreted her decision. The wind flew the rain into her face and she was soak wet in a minute. She tried to move quickly, she wanted to be inside the building, she didn’t even think about that she had to take another rout back to her own dorm.

Jimin couldn’t hear Tao following her, she already noticed that the boy can move really really quietly, like a cat. But she could still feel his presence behind her.

When they finally was inside the boy dorm, Tao was clenching the back of her hoodie, hiding behind her smaller figure.

“Are you still scared?” she asked. Tao just nodded. “Where is your room?”

“On the first floor” he whispered.

Jimin started to walk again, heading up to the first floor. She knew the building well, also because it was really similar to theirs and she spent a lot of time inside it.

When they were close to Tao’s room she could feel that Wufan was still awake, something was bothering him. 

“Its my room” Tao suddenly stopped and Jimin had to take a step back because Tao’s hands were still clenching the back of her hoodie.

They could hear some noise from the other side of the corridor, Tao quickly hid himself behind Jimin, he thought it was the ghost again.

“What are you doing here?”

It was Wufan.

“I was scared and went to noona, then she walked me back” Tao muttered, somehow his voice was happy now.

“Oh, really?” Wufan raised a brow at him. He looked angry and Jimin could feel he really felt like that.

“Go to sleep now” Jimin turned to Tao and patted his wet hair. “The ghosts are all harmless, so just ignore them”

“Okay” the young boy nodded. “Sleep well noona! And thank you!” he suddenly wrapped his hands around her and pulled her into a tight hug.


Jimin could feel the anger bowling inside Wufan, so she carefully pushed Tao away from her and motioned him toward his room. When he finally was inside and the door closed behind him, she turned to Wufan.

“You are so stupid” he murmured a bit angrily but reached his hands out. Jimin walked to him and let him pull her inside the room.

Only a small lamp on the desk was turned on, it was kind of dark inside but none of them mind it. Wufan picked up a towel from the back of his chair and carefully started to dry Jimin’s hair. She let him do it because it would have made Wufan madder if she protest.

“Don’t try to calm me down” he said quietly and walked to his closet. He took out a t-shirt and one of his basketball shorts, so Jimin could change her wet clothes to something clean and dry.

“I don’t like it when you are mad” Jimin bit her lips then walked to the bathroom.

When she was done she walked out and found Wufan sitting on the bed with a book in his hand. He put it down on the small nightstand.

“You should have just ignore him. Or call me to take him back”

“Its okay” Jimin shrugged and sat down on the bed. She was still cold, her hair slightly damp from the rain before.

“He wanted me to be his friend, I was here a few rooms away and still...” Wufan continued like Jimin didn’t said anything. “I’d like to kill him!”

“Wufan!” Jimin rolled her eyes with a small smile on her lips. “He was just really scared and maybe he felt safer with me. Maybe because he still thinks he is a cat and I can control him or something” she scouted closer to Wufan and let him pull her on his lap. It was warm, so warm. 

His body was always warmer than the normal because he was a fire dragon. He could control his body heat, it was usually just a few Celsius warmer than it should for a human but when Jimin was cold, he raised it until she felt okay again in his embrace. And he never mind doing it, especially because these were the only times when Jimin let him touch her.

They felt silent for a while, Wufan stroking her back soothingly, Jimin’s hands grabbing the front of his shirt. She was like a baby sometimes.

“I am going home for a few days. You know, the usual ‘let’s-celebrate-Wufan’s-birthday-not-like-anybody-cares’ ” he frowned. He didn’t like going home to hear his brothers’s teasing about Jimin and how he needed a little girl to control his power. He was the only one who had problem with that, even his younger brother could do it without any help.

“Poor you” she cooed teasingly.

“Let’s sleep” Wufan grunted as he put Jimin down on the bed and pulled a warm blanket out of his closet.

“I hope you are not planning to sleep on the floor...” she looked up at him with sleepy eyes.

“Uhm...no” he said, crawling back into his bed and spreading the blanket around Jimin’s body. “Goodnight!”

“Goodnight” she mumbled as she moved closer and snuggled into Wufan’s chest.


I guess their relationship is kind of...confusing? At least it is for me xD Haha...

Let’s hope I’ll continue this....I don’t know if i am ready to struggle with a story for a week again xD
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Wrote 4 years ago
omo it is kind of confusing 0.o
the relationship though, not your writing! I like your writing :D
Very curious to see how this goes....also, I find myself fan-girling when I read your EA stories. Over Kris of course :D Maybe it's because he is a dragon, and I love dragons (hence the username) so this attractive boy who is part dragon = dream
Or it could be that he is attractive...very attractive *.*

Wrote 4 years ago
Ah. That's okay. haha Sometimes i forget you aren't a native English speaker. OTL

Wrote 4 years ago
Jia would need a separate room. Rooming with someone who can manipulate blood does not sound like a fun time. >.<
Wah!! Unnie~ such a cute story <3 i can't wait to read more and define their relationship better ^ ^

Wrote 4 years ago
you're right, some students needs separate room:P



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