Name: Kim Seulong
Age and Year: 17
Superpower: He can drain people of their life energy upon physical contact. In short amounts, it isn't harmful. But it could end up killing someone. {{It was in the book Dark Visions by L.J Smith; it's my fave book of all time and I really wanted to kind of channel this character and...D:}}
Dangerous: Yes. Seulong can be described as a little mentally unstable, and he frequently overuses his power when he loses his temper. 
Weakness: He depends on others' life energy; he becomes weak if he can't rely on others. 
Character History: Seulong's always moved from mental institution to mental institution; no one could control his powers and frankly, no one wanted him. His step-father had always seen him as a monster, as did quite a few other important figures he had met in his lifetime. In the end, he learned not to care anyways. He finally got enrolled in EPIK Academy when he was 15, although he tried running away several times. This place had...rules. And they wanted him to get better. They had a sense of fear, he could tell, but not as much as he would've liked. He thrived on fear. 
Personality: Seulong tends to just be on the verge of what you would call a sociopath. He's manipulative and cunning, yet has very few emotions, if any. He keeps his thoughts hidden from everyone else and trusts no one. Part of it is that he doesn't want to associate with others; it's not worth his time. But he also wants to be careful-- he can't kill anyone again.
Played By: Kim Seulong and Toxic's album is coming out tomorrow wut omg I'm spazzing lol I can't even just ignore my spaz please k I'll stop

Well, I mean, I know I'm never active in RPs but I might be back from my hiatus and I really wanted to try to be active in this one and I'm not a really good writer and I just lost whatever set-making skills I've ever had but...

I'd like to try? pretty please?

cry cry
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