the cardigans│erase and rewind.

name; sapphire reid 
age; twenty six 
job; detective
bio; sapphire’s tougher than she appears, /much/ tougher. It’s hard to believe that this petite blonde’s a black belt in karate and could take down a man twice her size but she can. Her comebacks come quicker than anyone else and all of that makes her quite an intimidating person even if she is only five foot one. Her father was a private investigator which we can assume is the reason to why she got involved in this business but lately she’s been acting a little more distant at work. Nobody knows why but she’s been spotted sneaking around case files and we have a feeling that maybe this blonde’s riding solo. 
dating status; single
model; Jessica hart
taken by; @vicks


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sapphire reid
mariah wintour [only if i can change the model]
zara farkas
scarlett sinclair
aimee venuto



We were all sitting in the hospital family room, anxiously staring at anything but each other as we waited impatiently for news as to what was going on. When the door swung open, we all simultaneously jumped up, turning to face the doctor, who was in scrubs and looked defeated. I knew from that moment that what he was telling up was bad news. How could it be good news if he couldn’t crack a smile? I turned away and sank into the chair I had just left, not wanting to see the reaction that would come from my mother and father, hearing it would be bad enough.

“I’m so sorry, we did all we could but her injuries were too severe.” The sound that left my mother’s voice would haunt me forever. The mix of a howl and a cry was something I never wanted to witness again. But I knew I would. From that moment on, I knew I would come across countless cries like the one my mother did in the future.

Seeing my mother break down like that made me feel sick and I lef the room as quickly as could, leaving my father and brother to console my mother. Walking down the identical corridors of the hospital, I felt like I was in a trance. My sister was gone. My younger, beautiful Lucy was gone and wasn’t coming back, thanks to some d-ckhead who decided he needed to have his way with her and then kill her afterwards, like r-ping her wasn’t enough nor taking her belongings. The thought of some dirty guy touching my sister made me angry and I could feel myself gripping the arms of the bench I was now sitting, tightly outside of the hospital. I felt sick to the stomach and nothing was going to get rid of the feeling, nothing at all. 

“Saph?” I looked up and saw my father walking towards me, a look of anguish and loss on his handsome but aging face. He sat down next to me, his arm instantly wrapping around my shoulders. I let out a sigh and leant on him, my head resting on his shoulder. “How are you holding up?”

I let out a dry laugh, which sounded like a strangled bark. “I don’t know. How are you holding up?”

He didn’t answer and I sighed again. “See, that was a stupid question. But to answer it, I feel numb. And sick. Sick at the thought of some creep touching my sister and then killing her like it just wasn’t enough to just r-pe her!”

I took a deep breath before turning to look up at my dad. “I’m going to get him. I’m going to get him and others like them and make sure they pay.”

Instead of saying anything, my dad kissed me on the temple and stood up, offering me his hand. Taking it, we walked back into the hospital, ready to face reality and the fact our lives were all now going to change.


Walking down the corridor leading to the archives and cold cases, I smiled at a few colleagues before disappearing through the solid door, closing it behind me. Certain I was alone, I headed for the file and took the folder out, finding the page I was up to and turning right to it.

Instantly my face was screwed up as I struggled to understand the previous notes made. Whoever wrote them needed to learn how to write properly. As I continued to decipher them, my mind went back to the day at the hospital. It was the reason I was here in this dingy room with no windows, trying to get justice for my sister. The case I was going through was hers. The creep was never caught and I was determined that I was going to catch him and give him hell. I knew my colleagues were getting suspicious about me coming in here every night but at the moment, I wasn’t bothered. All that mattered was that the creep responsible got what was coming to him and I was going to make sure it happened and I honestly didn’t care how I did it.

My father had warned me not to get too involved and to keep a clear head but his words where just a jumbled mess that I couldn’t interpret. And I think he knew that I wouldn’t listen because I knew he was doing to exact same thing I was doing. Slamming the folder shut, I put it back and massaged my aching temples. I had been in work since 6am and it was now 7pm and I had had no sleep. Putting the file back, I left the archive room and walked out of the station, glad to feel the fresh air on my face. From the corner of my eye I could see 2 of my colleagues looking me up and down, whispering and usually I would march right over but my heart wasn’t in it so I remained where I was, lighting a cigarette before making the short journey home to my apartment.

My phone rang in my pocket and I answered without checking the screen.

“Find anything new darling?”

“No, not yet daddy. I’m struggling to decipher the scrawl that is meant to be notes on the side of the investigation. How about you?”

He sighed and I could imagine him taking off his glasses and rubbing a hand over his tired face. “No, nothing at all. But we’ll get there eventually.”

I didn’t share his optimism but I knew he needed to hear it so I complied. “We will, don’t worry daddy. Luce will get her justice.”

“Okay darling, phone me when you get home so I know you’re safe. Love you.”

“Love you too.” Hanging up, I found myself around the corner to my apartment and I smiled, walking quickly into the cold building and walking up the stairs. Entering my apartment, I collapsed on the couch and closed my eyes. Making a quick, drowsy and nonsense call to my dad which I was struggling to remember, I grabbed the blanket and wrapped myself up. 

Sleep was usually none existent and I was going to take advantage of the fact I was tired for once.
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