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Fab!! congrats!!

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An excellent Turkish designer



For the Love of Clothes

For the Love of Clothes

Want a group for outfits only?! This is the group for you! No crazy backgrounds, props, magazine texts, or fluff. This group is dedicated to the love of clothes!
We have a new contest EVERY 3 DAYS!! This is a place to let your creativity shine... just remember.. OUTFITS ONLY!!
Besides clothing, your sets may have:
*Light Shading/Shadows

These things are not allowed:
*Text, OF ANY KIND, including newsprint



Hi and welcome to Head2Toe!!
We are THRILLED you are here.
Head2Toe contests will be mainly "OUTFIT ONLY" contests, UNLESS otherwise specified.
The contests will focus on the outfit, and or accessories/shoes/jewelry that correspond with the outfit.
(Your Signature is always okay and supportive of the "be original" campaign.)
For our OUTFIT ONLY contests, here is further clarification:
Besides clothing, your sets may have:
*Light Shading/Shadows
These things are not allowed:
*Text, OF ANY KIND, including newsprint

There will be frequent contests! We want you to be original, and have fun!!
Feel free to let us know if you ever have any questions or ideas.
We will have fun!
-Ruth and Angie

Style it! (OUTFIT ONLY)

Style it! (OUTFIT ONLY)

As the names says: Style it! A featured item/color - show how you would style it. Outfit only. No FULL FASHION SETS. No backgrounds, no hair photos or hair clip outs, no nail photos, no make up photos, no photos of any kind. Beauty products are worn on the skin, so a few beauty product fillers ARE WELCOME because we chose certain make up to wear with our outfits! One or two fillers that accent the theme of your set are acceptable as well. We DO ALLOW shadows and a few sparkles here and there for enhancement. Fashion accessories ARE all welcome! We do want your set to be as lovely as possible without all of the busy-ness of a full set! Thank you for your entries and reading the guidelines! FOR More CREATIVE contests and sets, see below! =)
Artistic Tales:
Artistic Tales:
The Artist's Loft:

Crazy Mommy Express:

Gentlemen's Club (Polyvore Men):

Polyvore Creative (Favorite Sets of the Week):

The Fashion Closet:

My Fashion Therapy:

The Playground @ Polyvore! (A place for the kid in you!)
Creative Sets:
If you want to keep up with contest(s), just check your contest tab:
(Adopted 1-24-15) by @nonniekiss

Pretty Little Things *Outfit Only*

Pretty Little Things *Outfit Only*

A Spin-Off of my other group, Pretty Little Things!
I realize I can only give out 3 trophies a week, and there are so many people out there who enjoy doing outfit only sets, so I am creating this group that will coincide with the same theme of whatever contest is running as my other group, but will be Outfit Only to award more to my beloved members!
All Outfit Only sets will allow shadows, blurs, sparkles and your signatures! All layouts are also encouraged, Classic Outfit only style, Invisible Ladies, organized and any fun and creative layouts you can come up with! All accessories, clothes, and an occasional item that goes with the theme will be allowed! *Only if stated in contest rules!*
I hope you enjoy it and have fun!

Invisible Dolls (outfit only)

Invisible Dolls (outfit only)

Invisible dolls are not invisible, they are just quiet models for the clothes:)) I love to put together outfit and make a doll with it! If you like it too, come and join in! Please read bellow!
Little bit about how invisible doll should look like:
Invisible Doll doesn't have:
- face (eyes, lips, nose, ears, hair)
- arms (hands, fingers...)
- legs (knees, foot)
It is just clothes put together in a shape of a doll:)) Sometimes we are going to bend the rules and allow little bit of leg to show stockings or hair under the hat, neck for the necklace... Simple as that!
Shading and embellishments are welcome! This includes pets, perfume, sketch. However, as we are an "outfit only " group, full pictures, text or full backgrounds sets should not be submitted. Let the sample set of each contest guide you. We want you to make the most of your group so If your preference is outfit only please let us know. You are of course still able to submit outfit only dolls if you choose.
Contests will be held weekly and it will be with simple theme. For example: dolls with hats, boots in some color, jacket short or long, clutch bag, or black bag etc... Nothing complicated really:))
I hope you will have fun making Invisible Dolls with us!
Anjela and Kristina


Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday

220 sets from 88 members. Ended 8 months ago.
Let's see your best Easter Sunday attire! I want to see lots of floral and/or pastel! Outfit only, as always!
1 Week - 3 Sets - 12 Winners

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