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I cannot believe how nervous I am about my first day of my last year of High School. School begins next Wednesday and I have to admit I am worried!

Starting off the first day is SO NOT easy! Receiving a new schedule with new teachers and new supplies is all stressful.

Especially being in a class with a bunch of clowns is the most annoying thing ever!

Why is back-to-school so nerve racking for me?
Well because My high school and I have been transferred to another school for a couple of months because our school building is being 'cleaned up'. MORE STRESS! Having two school systems in ONE building is hard and stressful. 
What Am I going to do? I am going to focus and pay attention in class, like I always do, and pray to God that our school building is safe to go back to and that we don't have to finish our school year in a different building with ANOTHER school....:D
Writing this all down here is kinda helpful...I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders :)
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