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Inspired by Dara's trip to Hawaii, so i make this teehee. I think im not gonna online too often since today. You know right, unstable internet connection ugh wifi pls be good to me )):

I was tagged by @afaboro . took a long time to answer this bcs i keep thinking and asking to myself what i love and what i hate lololol. Thank you sweetie for the tag!😘

-A kpop idol you want to be? 
Well, actually I don't wanna be a kpop idol. But if I have to choose, I'm gonna choose 2NE1's CL. I think CL is pretty cool and fabulous. She's excellent in english and she has a great sense of fashion.
-Your favorite female solo singer?
 BoA, Lee Hi /they're great you know. I love BoA's dance and I love LeeHi's kind of style, it's just like full of mysteries/
-Your favorite male solo singer?
Eric Nam /i admired him a lot since he scored 750/800 for his maths for SAT emagahd🙊🙊/
-Your top 10 kpop boy groups? 
You know what's next / i cant think of any others😩/

-Your top 10 kpop girl groups? 
you also know what's next
-If you could date any kpop idol...who would it be? and why? 
Well maybe EXO's Kai or Sehun hohohoho. I think both maknaes are cute and knowing the fact I'm much younger than both of them so it feels like way better for me /it just like okay oppas gonna protect you/ *perks of not having a brother*😏 Actually it's kinda embarrassing and I prefer to be in disguise so no one can notice us🌚

-Your top 5 favorite k-pop songs? 
There are so many great kpop songs. I cant choose one actually😭 but I recently love this top 5 songs
1. EXO - Love Me Right
2. Red Velvet - Ice Cream Cake
3. Big Bang - Loser
4. BTS - I Need U
5. Miss A - Only You
-Which kpop song do you listen to when you feel upset?
Actually I dont really listen into kpop songs since I love the western songs too. Well, maybe Taeyang's Eyes, Nose, Lips.👀👃👄

-Which kpop song gives you the best memories? 
I dont think I have one 

-Your favorite "Engrish" line from a kpop song?
Shawty Imma party til the sun down - Sehun (EXO) /thats a cool lyric from love me right. This is the first time i hear kpop songs using 'shawty' lol/

-Your top 10 male biases?
1. EXO - Sehun
2. EXO - Kris (ex)
3. Big Bang - GDragon
4. Kim Soo Hyun
5. Infinite - L
6. EXO - Chanyeol
I cant think of any others😒

-Your top 10 female biases? 
1. 2NE1 - CL
2. Miss A - Suzy /she's so damn pretty emagahd/
3. 2NE1 - Dara
4. f(x) - Amber
5. Girls Generation - Jessica (ex)
6. f(x) - Krystal /jung sisters are always the best/

-Your top 3 OTP’s?
I dont really love OTPs actually. Maybe EXO's BaekYeol (Baekhyun & Chanyeol). They're cute and funny XD

-Favorite MV?
2NE1 - Come Back Home😍 / i really love those mv animation so damn cool, i wish i can edit videos just like that/
-Your first ever kpop group?
SHINee hohoho /im still wondering why i leave them.../

-Your first bias was?
Yoon Shi Yoon, he's the actor of Prime Minister & I, Flower Boys Next Door, and king of Baking Kim Tak Gu. He made me explore more about kdramas and falling into the kpop world

-The song that made you fall in love with kpop?
Super Junior's Bonamana and SHINee's Lucifer

-Your favorite duo?
Akdong Musician!! Despite their looks i love their voice and music💁

-Your favorite rookie-group? 
I dont have one since i dont really like rookie groups

-Last kpop song you listened to?
SISTAR - Loving U

-Your favorite picture of your bias? 
When my bias is on the derp state👴

-An idol with the best body? 
Big Bang's Taeyang and SISTAR's Hyorin

-Your favorite selca of your bias?
When your bias just woke up and took a selca, it would be like /i woke up like this/

-How many kpop albums do you have?

-Have you ever been to a kpop concert?
Definitely not😪

-How did you get into kpop? 
I was stalking my sister's friend facebook and i saw pict of her in a Super Show 3 in sg. The name of 'super junior' seems to be familiar with me and i dont know what it is. So i started to search for them and it turns out i fall into a kpop world

-Do you watch any music shows?

-Do you watch variety shows?
Yes running man and superman is back. Seo eon and seo jun are so damn cute😍😍😍

-Do you own any merchandise? 
Yes i did. A Super Junior's file folder and some photocards. Until then i realize that buying those things are a waste of money and im not gonna use it too since it's too precious bcs there are oppas face on it. That's when i decided to stop buying kpop merchandises and save it for my future /wow this is such a joke/ okay the truth is im gonna spend it for food👄

-Your favourite group?
the marvelous EXO and the fabulous 2NE1💛💙💜💚❤️

-Your favorite K-Drama? 
1. My Love From The Star❤️❤️ that is so funny and absolutely sad. I cant even hold my tears on the last episode huhuhu😭
2. Emergency Couple😍😍 great film afterall and i love that since it became a passion for me to become a doctor🙋
3. City Hunter🔪 cool and fantastic drama even though it's lack of romance and more into action, that film's ending is out from my expectation man

-Your favorite singer who's also an actor/actress?
I keep thinking about this but I havent found one..

-A thing you wish would never happen in kpop?
1. When the oppas leave the group and never came back..
2. Knowing the fact that your oppas dont even know you exist in this world /ignore this pls/

-Which music label is your favorite?
YG ENT. Well they are great at producing songs especially the unique ones. SM are great too, but i cant ignore the fact that they didn't give the same treatment to the chinese or other countries' trainee or kpop idols.

-Your least favorite group? 
I think those sexy sexy girl groups, except sistar. I think they just show off their body to sell it to the public /ew/ different from sistar, even though they show off their bodies too, they have a great voice and catchy songs.
-A group you thought you'd never listen to?
Actually it's EXO. I never thought im gonna like exo like now. I thought i'll be with super junior forever and ever and when suddenly that exo oppas came in, it disturbs my life. Really👽
-Your favorite K-drama actor/actress?
Kim Soo Hyun, Jun Ji Hyun, Lee Min Ho, Lee Jong Suk, Moon Ga Young, Ahn Jae Hyun and many more

-Your ultimate bias?
OH friggin SEHUN

-How would you react if you got eye-contact with your bias?
First probability : im gonna look away and act like nothing happened
Second probability : im gonna blush like a tomato and immediately look away and throw myself into a dustbin

-A group that'll always have a special place in your heart? 

-A kpop group you'll never stop listening to? 
That super duper marvelous EXO that has superpowers but they never share their superpower skills to their fans /ignore these again pls/

-Your favorite rapper?
Big Bang's TOP / he has a sexy voice/, Tablo

-Your favorite maknae?
I bet you know who it is
-A "hyung"-line you like?
EXO's lovely D.O

-Your favorite leader? 
EXO Suho and Super Junior's Leeteuk /they're trying their best to be a leader, especially leeteuk, if you know about super junior's live before they succeed/
- A boyxgirl OTP?
ByunTae (Baekhyun & Taeyeon) /what a lovely name😏/

Actually it's fun but kinda embarrassing to answer this since im not really open to people especially for kpop. But nevermind this is my first time though lololol☺️☺️

I'll tag: @julia-ngo @lovepastel @blackjacklove21 @poppynight @gizibe @bibibaubau 

It's okay if you don't wanna do this, and if you already got this thing, I'm sorry😙

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