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Esme "Gem" Warpmond
District 6 - Transportation

I wake up at the sound of a cracking door and rain drops over my window. It is always raining in District 6, but I like it that way, I like rain. As I open my eyes, I realize what day we are. Reaping day. As soon as my feet touch the ground, I hear my father calling me from down staires. I wonder how he gets that intuition every morning, that I'm awake. 
-Gem! I know your up! Get dressed and come down...! 
I freeze at the nickname he gives me. The name of my mother, Gemini Warpmond. It doesn't bother me because deep in me, I know that my mothers death grieved my father better then me. I also know that every time he sees me, the only thing he sees is her. He didn't call me Esme a long time ago, I think that he even forgot that mother gave me that name. She always comes up in my mind as a happy women :she was a singer in a bar down town with Gem as her stage name. Today, nobody mourns her anymore. She is just an old memory to me. Deaths are usual in this rainy district, and everybody accepts them. Most people die of sickness or in the Hunger Games, which is current since District 6 only has 5 victors. Since my mother got sick and died when I was 10, not much was left of the Warpmond family. Just me and my father. Everybody else died.

My father is an over worker. He has to work hard to keep both of us and his other little business' alive. Since my grades and hard work of my 7 years of school didn't bring anything but constant bullying, my father got me out of school at 13. I started to work with him in his workshops and bars. I had to repair and make little airplane and car pieces with him, since we needed money. I learned a lot more then at school, and it gave me a mechanical knowledge.
It has been now 4 years that my life goes round and round at those points: work and sleep. My life is a mess and nobody quite knows. I am a shadow with a voice. Somedays I wish I could be an escapist, who escapes everything, but every time I try to take the lights away, I find myself revising my life and realizing how lucky I am to not be already death. I see life between two points, which are my birth and my death. Whatever I accomplish between does two points, I want to make it change so it can be unforgettable. That's why I'm looking forward too volunteer for the 68th Hunger Games.

Here you go :) I'm sorry if the presentation story is too long... And I didnt put the reaping in it, because anyway she volunteers, and don't mind at the end when I say 68th Hunger Games, this was actually one of my draft presentations for a fanfiction, because Esme has a pretty longer story then this... :) Take care and I hope you like it :)
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