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Esmee’s POV
“I can’t believe you’d do this again!”
I started up the stairs and went straight to my room, slammed it shut, and locked the door. I couldn’t believe he’d do this again. I’ve lived with my best friend Josh since he got me started in the music business. He told me he’d be there for me every step of the way and did he keep that promise? No he didn’t. Instead of being by my side as i stayed up late at night writing songs, he was out drinking, partying, and then he’d bring back some s.lut to screw with and leave her to me to get rid of.
Tonight wasn’t any different, the girl he brought home was drunk as ***** and passed out the minute she got here. Josh, not wanting to do it, asked me to take her home even though i had no idea where she lived. I had to ransack her purse ‘til i found her phone, call her friend and asked where she lived, and then to make things worse she lived on the other side of town. While getting her to her house, which was a struggle, she barfed in my car which i had to clean up. When i got back to our apartment, Josh was just laying on the couch as if nothing happened and that’s why i snapped.
I knew i’d had enough and even though he was my best friend, i couldn’t take being here with him. I got up from my position in front of my door and packed a small bag with some clothes and things i would need. I called my friend Shane from the studio who said okay that i stayed at her place for awhile. I could hear Josh’s footstep coming until they stopped right at my door. He tried to open it then procedded to bang on the door, “Esmee, open the door!”
I just ignored him and continued packing my stuff. He banged on the door harder, “Esmee please just open the door! We can talk about this!” At that moment Shane texted me saying she was outside snd waiting. I picked up my stuff and headed to my door. Once i opened the door, Josh was sitting in front of my door, waiting for me to come out, “Esmee please just—Wait where are you going?”
I knew he already knew what was happening by the pained look in his eyes, “I’m staying with Shane for a few days until i can find my own place” i told him this as i walked down the stairs. Before i could get to the door, Josh stopped me, “Wait why are you moving out? What did i do?” I shook my head as tears started to fall, “What did you do?! Does what happen this morning and all the other times ring a bell to you or are just trying to forget that?”
He rolled his eyes, I was about to continue to the door but i stopped, wanting him to feel my pain, “And you know what else?! You broke your promise to be there for me when i started out. I had to do most it on my own or with Shane’s help without you.” He hadn’t said one word since i started talking. I headed to the door but beofre i left i turned to him and said one last thing, “But hurts the most i watching with all these girls and not one of them could love you the way i do”
I closed the door and jogged to Shane’s car. She looked at me then at the apartment and then back at me, “So are you ok?” I wiped my tears away and sighed, “Just drive, please” She nodded and drove away.
Few Days Later
Josh had left me countless messages but i never checked them or called him back. I was looking at apartment listing when Shane came through the door with a happy yet upset expression, “Okay stop right there,” She stopped and sat on the couch in front of me, “I can tell her happy but also upset, so what’s wrong?” She smiled, “Okay the good news is i found out that you get to do a duet with someone that’ll help you rise to fame,” I got excited, “Well that’s great but who with?” Her smiled faded, “That’s the bad news, your doing your duet…with Josh”
I almost choked on air, “What! Well did you try and talk them out of it?!” She got up and sat next to me, “Of course i did but this is for the best Esmee. This can help your carear.” I sighed. She was right, this could be for the best and i will only have to sing with him just this once, “Alrite but when is it?” “Later this afternoon” I groaned why does it have to happen so soon? Shane stood up and made me get up as well, “Stop your graning and take a shower so you’ll be ready”
I groaned again and walked to my room, “Fine but i won’t enjoy today at all” Shane waved me off and went to her room. This afternoon would defineitely be something.
Later;; At The Studio
I tried everything to prolong going to the studio but it was no use. When we got there Shane had to shove me through the door because i really didn’t want to go. When we got there i saw Matt, Ian, and mike sitting in the lounge area. The minute they saw me, i swarmed with a group hug, “Esmee! We’ve missed you!” That was Ian, he was the sweetest of the bunch. “Esmee, you been hiding in hole or something?” Then there’s Matt the joker. “Esmeralda, you’ve returned to me” And the charmer himself, Mike Ayley.
They all let go and we started to talk about what’s been happening the past few days. As we were talking i heard footsteps and then a voice i dreaded since i got here, “Hey guys is-” I turned in my seat to see Josh standing there, staring at me. We just sat there in silence, looking at each other, i looked at Shane giving her a look meaning ‘please leave us alone’ she nodded and stood up, “Hey guys how about we go check out the new track i created for you” They all nodded and followed Shane into one of the recording rooms.
Josh walked over to where i was and sat across from me. We sat there in silence for awhile, until Josh spoke up, “So how’ve you been?” I wouldn’t look at but i still answered, “I’ve been good, you?” He sighed, stood up and sat down next to me, “Esmee i wanna know if you meant what you said the day you left. About you loving me more than any of those other girls could.”
I didn’t want to say the truth because i knew i would start crying if i tried to speak. He scooted closer to me and hesitantly put his hand on my face, making me face him, “Please tell me the truth” He started to lean closer and i did too but we were interupted by someone, “Hey guys, it’s time for…” We pulled away and i moved far from Josh. It was Shane, “Umm sorry but it’s to for you two to record the song” She quickly walked back in the room.
I stood up and walked to the room but stopped when Josh spoke, “I want to hear the truth” A tear fell as i turned to face him, “I told you the truth that day. I do love you but i don’t even know if you can commit to a realationship” I wiped to the tear away and walked into the recording room with Josh behind me. As we got settled into the studio, Shane cued us, and then the music started.
Sour Candy by Carly Rae Jepsen & Josh Ramsey {}
While we were singing, i could feel his gaze on me the entire time. The minute we finished the song i bolted out of there and ran to the bathroom, locking myself in one of the stalls.
Josh’s POV
When we finished singing, Esmee immediately ran out with tears streaming down her face. Shane was going to go get her but i stopped her, “Don’t, i’ll get her.” She nodded at let me past. I looked down the hallway and saw her go into the girls’ bathroom. Dammit! What was gonna do!
I made sure no one was around before i slightly opened the door. It looked like there was no one inside so i opened the door more and slipped inside, shutting the door gently. I could hear Esmee crying in one of the stalls. I stepped closer to the stall and lightly knocked on the door, “Esmee?” I asked quietly.
She gasped and moved to the door in case i’d open it. “What are you doing in here? It’s the girls’ room” I chuckled, “You know that won’t stop me. Now come on out so we can talk” She sighed and unlocked the stall. I stepped back to allow her some space. When she came out, she didn’t bother looking at me and kept her head down, “You shouldn’t be in here” She wiped a tear away, " I had to-to make sure you were ok"
She sniffed, wiped away any stray tears, and lifted here head, “I;m fine, okay? So you can go now” She tried to walk past me but i held her still, “I’m not stupid Esmee. Now tell me why your crying” She looked me in the eye and i could see more tears coming, “Your the reason why i’m c-crying” I was confused, “Me? Are you still upset about that girl? I tried calling you to apoligize but you never answered!”
She shook out of my grip and started to shout, “I never answered because i didn’t know if you were just gonna say yoour sorry and then let it all happen again with just take your ‘dates’ back to their homes!” “I…” She silenced me with her hand, “Don’t, alright? I know you never will think of me the way i do you” She walked past me and almost reached the door, but i grabbed her arm and pulled me to me. I looked her right in the eyes and she looked back at me.
“I always think about you” I whispered to her before i kissed her with as much passion as i could. I wrapped my arms around her waist as her arms went around my neck. When we pulled away, her eyes were still closed. When she opened them, a small smile appeared on her face. I smiled back at her, “Do you believe me now?” She nodded, “But if you felt the same way, why’d you always bring those girls home?”
I sighed, “I thought that if i told you how i felt about you that you’d reject me and things would be awkward between us, so i thought all those girls would take you off my mind but they never did” She smiled again and quickly kissed me, “I love you Joshua” I chuckled, “I love you too, Esmeralda” We pulled away when we heard the door open and footsteps followed after, “So are things all good?” Shane asked with the guys behind her.
I looked at Esmee and then at them, “Yeah things are all good. Hey Matt?” He looked at me, “I think you can tell Shane that you like her now” Matt gave me the death glare and blushed when Shane looked at him, “Really? I like you too, Matt” He smiled. Everyone is happy now and I’m with the one person i wanted to be with.

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