essential preppy wardrobe!

hope i helped, if you want advice on how to style any of the stuff in here, or class up another item just message me, i'm not scary i promisee haha:)
Remember, preppy does NOT mean snobby! don't look down on other people, preps are polite and nice to everyone. Don't get a bad name by talking about other people or doing stupid stuff or wearing really slutty clothes, people won't like you for it!
If you love the preppy trend, but people you know don't really wear it don't be afraid! as long as look pretty, don't dress ugly just cause it's preppy! Be a nice, fun, polite person who acts classy but not stuck-up and everyone will adore you - people who try to change you or make fun of what you wear aren't your real friends so ignore them or make some new ones!
hope i helped <3
much love,
Elle x
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Wrote one year ago
@ginaheartscupcakes thankyou my dear!

Wrote two years ago
this is so cute!


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