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  • Essey - Bin Bin Paper Basket
    Essey - Bin Bin Paper Basket
    The maxim of Bin Bin designer John Brauer is: Form follows content. A waste paper basket with its own personality. It looks exactly like the pupose it has been created for: Wrinkled paper. The design is supposed to give aesthetics and expression to a normal and anonymous product. Waste paper bin and eye-catcher- two in one. Something conventional and trivial becomes a design object; an everyday product as a design experience. For those who normally hide their waste paper basket under the desk, will want to find a new spot for the Bin Bin by the Danish manufacturer Essey. Furthermore, Bin Bin is stackable, consists of hard, recyclable polyethylene and is available in various colours.
  • Essey Bin Bin Waste Paper Basket
    Essey Bin Bin Waste Paper Basket
    The piece that started it all. Designed by company founder John Brauer, the Essey Bin Bin Waste Paper Basket established his philosophy of Symbolic Functionalism, in which a product's form points directly to its function. This polyethylene waste paper basket indeed resembles that which it was designed to contain: crumpled paper. Offered in the US by Ameico.
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