Estrella Lucienne Fleur Beauregard

|| Estrella Lucienne Fleur LeClaire
|| French, Italian, and a little bit of Native American
|| s i x t e e n
|| Junior
|| Orleans, France
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
∞ { Julia Saner } Estrella's soft, chocolate brown hair falls naturally in soft ringlets. She usually opts for straightened hair, but leaves her natural curls in for special events. Her eyes are a light blue-grey, with oynx colored lashes framing them. Defined brows arch perfectly, but still don't scream "plucked and threaded." Her ski sloped nose is elegant and graceful. Her cupid's bow lips are full and plump, and "they taste like heaven," as stated by many boys. Her ivory skin is free of any blemish, soft, and radiant. She has a flawless hourglass figure and has a dancer's body, curved in all the right places, with toned arms and legs.
∞ Estrella has always been the nice girl. Yes, she's decked in designer brands and looks the same as all the filthy rich people in the world. But, she's seen her share of bullying and despises it. She's hilarious, and fun to be around. Usually though, the girls she socializes with only care about being expressionless and looking like mannequins. She doesn't care a lot about her own appearance, but always appeares as radiant and beautiful as ever.
∞ Family:
Mother - Amorette LeClaire || Model for Chanel, Gucci, Alexander McQueen, Valentino, Prada, Victoria's Secret, etc.
Father - Christian Beauregard || Plastic surgeon
∞ Estrella's light blue eyes fluttered open on February 7th, born into a huge mansion with a family of three. As she was the precious only child, she was doubly spoiled and lavished with gifts and anything she wanted. Her everything was "highclass" but she wanted to know what it was like to really /live/
∞ Stargazing, designing, originality, Jimmy Choo, art, sparkles, dark blue, flowers, puppies, spas, etc.
∞ Maybe we could have a ball for winter, the snow outside and stuff xD


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nothing's wrong with julia.
i need to change your model on the clique's collection.

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@capegrovehigh D: What's wrong with Julia? My old charrie was Madeleine Dove, in Pi Beta Phi.

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the enrollment's fine.
what was your old character & clique?
i need to change you on the collection.

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