Eternal. [ Kida / Katya Inspired Closet ]

Normally I organize style collections into outfits, but for some silly reason, I made this one into categories. Oh well.
Katya is trying to suppress her Atlantic powers and pass as a normal human the best she can. While some colloquial and technological uses tend to slip up on her, it is her wardrobe that is the most compromising. The culture of women's fashion is completely different in Atlantis. There was little conception of modesty; a women's body was a beautiful piece of art to be appreciated, not covered. She tries hard to adapt without giving up her personal style.
That being said, she is incredibly thankful for the lack of rules on the ship, since she can still largely dress as she pleases. Appearing anywhere on land and dressing appropriately, however, proves to be a struggle. Katya often looks to others for guidance or inspiration, but that doesn't help with how comfortable the confining clothes make her feel.

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