eternal [Thais Umberto]

Name: Thais Iolanthe Umberto
Age: 52
Magic: Destruction magic
Coven: Lowery
Alliance: Grey
Familiar: Roland (barn owl)
Titanic emotions, moodiness, morbidness; clumsy, chaotic, utterly distructive; sad, unbalanced, angry, destroys what destroys her, destroys to create, destruction; kind when the mood takes her, but sometimes lonelier than anything; closed-up, hard to approach, seems harsh and cold and a bit scary; very romantic at heart; loves those close to her, but scared to love; poet. writer. loves words. loves them. they're the only thing she's ever felt good at; complete bookworm; scruff. when highly emotional, can unintentionally destroy stuff/cause pain/injury with her destruction magic. for this reason also, tends to live a physically solitary life, rarely trusting to be touched. can't even hug her closest friends without fearing she'll hurt them. in a long term asexual but romantic relationship with the similar (X?). In coven
because they took her in and showed her kindness, and met her possible life-partner through them. Likes their domestic bliss, even if its not 'normal'.
Clothes often ragged cos of destruction magic, which is hard to control in her.
More stuff, bio asap!

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