+ name : Ethan Alexander Montevillette
+ age : 16
- - - -
+ appearance : Ed Westwick
+ hometown : Manhattan, New York
+ family :
Elijah Montevillette;;Father;;Business man
Kyra Montevillette;;Mother;;Business Partner
- - - -
+ likes and dislikes :
Likes;; Women, money, alcohol, parties
Dislikes;; Frauds, Credit Card Jams, Cheap Wine, Hangovers
+ short biography : Ethan was born and raised in Upper East Side Manhattan. He was born in the spotlight with everything he could every need. Give him a credit card and anything with a skirt and he's good. Which is how he ended up at CGH with not a Credit, but a Debit
+ personality : Ethan is a self proclaimed womanizer. He can enchant any women with his suave words and his charming smile. At least until he can get them into bed. No one escapes Ethan. If he wants you, he'll get you... whether you like it or not.
+ secret[s] : I don't know, I'll get back to you on that one
- - - -
+ strengths and weaknesses :
Strengths; Womanizing, throwing parties, letting loose
Weaknesses; Relationships, apologies, being sober
*+ clique choice : Anything that fits
- - - -
+ activeness : You know me
+ anything extra? : Can I trade in Landon for Ethan?
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bachelors (:
i love ed.

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