Ethnically diverse doll parts

And boy, was it a struggle. Seriously, polyvore is dominated by skinny-ass white girl models. So here, don't yell at me I tried my best.
Much thanks to @satinee for her black is beautiful collection


Wrote 9 days ago
this is so amazing! i love that you've considered every color and size. thank you so so much for sharing!!! xoxoxo

Wrote one month ago
Beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

Wrote 5 months ago
Lol!!!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

Wrote 10 months ago
Thank you for sharing!

Wrote 11 months ago
Great 😀

Wrote one year ago
thanks so much for this!!!!! i've literally been searching for anything other than skinny white people???

Wrote one year ago
Thank you so much for sharing:)

Wrote one year ago
Thank you so much for this!!! ^ - ^

Wrote one year ago
@lowercaseg you're very welcome! I agree, this website has a long way to go to be inclusive, so I figured I'd do what I can.

Wrote one year ago
Girl, THANK YOU. I appreciate that you as a white user are making an effort like this to actually be inclusive and not asking for cookies for it lol.
This is great, it's frustrating how white the site is :/

Wrote one year ago
BLESS. YOU. I've been LOOKING for this collection lmao, and that description is on point. Thanks for making this!

Wrote one year ago
bless you for this

Wrote one year ago
Thank you for sharing.

Wrote one year ago
you're a saint oh my gosh!! i've looked everywhere for body types other than skinny and white, and you're the only person i've seen to make a collection of diverse doll parts. this is awesome!!

Wrote two years ago
Thanks for sharing these!!!

Wrote two years ago
@laromana I'm sorry you misunderstood what I meant by this. I I did not mean to say "all white models are skinny" or "all models of color have curves" I mean that as an undeniable fact, skinny white girls dominate all media types, not just modelling. It is nearly impossible to find doll parts of women of all different ethnicities and body types. Please let me be clear I AM A SKINNY WHITE GIRL AND WE HAVE SO MUCH PRIVILEGE IT HURTS. To say that someone pointing out that modelling is dominated by skinny ass white girls is somehow "reverse discrimination" (not a thing btw its personal prejudice not discrimination please research your definitions) is probably one of THE most ridiculous you could have come up with. As skinny white girls, it is our duty to use our privilege to SUPPORT women of color and women with all sorts of curves (not just we deem as "acceptable curves")
I really hope what you are trying to say was not what I think you just said, but if you are seriously offended by someone pointing out that WOC and curvy women are underrepresented in media, you need to keep your toxic privileged opinions off my page.
"What is the tables were reversed" THEY LITERALLY ALWAYS ARE?!?!?

Wrote two years ago
@kitty-t haha thanks I'll check it out!

Wrote two years ago
"Polyvore is dominated by skinny-ass white girl models" LOL- my thoughts exactly! Finding parts to make black dolls is h-a-a-a-r-r-r-d. @satinee has a good collection called Black is beautiful.


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