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  • Pink Bridal Necklace, Pink Statement Necklace Whimsical Nature Inspired Jewelry, Organic Artisan Jewelry
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    My Pink Bridal Necklace is a beautiful Pink Statement necklace with freshwater pearls dangling from branches like leaves on a willow tree dancing in the wind is a beautiful bib necklace. It's whimsical nature inspired jewelry. I created this pink statement necklace using a twisted wire technique working with several very long continuous strands of fine wire. I love the nature inspired look it gives to this very special bridal necklace. The focal bead in this bib necklace is a Swarovski crystal that I embellished. This piece is truly artisan jewelry. It's whimsical, elegant and beautiful. Why it is simply enchanting ~ Faerie necklace perhaps. The length of the flower necklace is 17 inches. The wire work is nickle free. The clasp and chain are a non tarnish brass by Vintaj. The clasp for my beaded necklace is magnetic. CPJ Item N208. More bib necklace:
  • Pink Bridal Necklace, Bib Necklace, Vintage Inspired Jewelry, Wedding Jewelry
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    Pink Bridal Necklace featuring a lovely floral design of leaves, crystals and pearls is a bib necklace. This is beautiful vintage inspired jewelry. It is simply lovely and enchanting nature jewelry. My pink bridal necklace with glass leaves cascading over one another highlighted by Swarovski pearls and crystals is simply elegant and fit for royalty You may even feel like a fairy princess. This piece of vintage inspired jewelry was created using a twisted wire technique. It is lightweight and comfortable. The length of my pink bridal necklace is 17 to 19 inches. For length adjustment please advise. Chain: Sterling Silver. Clasp: Sterling Silver Lobster Claw Clasp. Wire: The wire work in the bib is silver plate. Custom order welcome. This can be created in others color, different lengths and heights. Item CPJ 267. Matching Dangle Earrings:
  • White Bridal Hair Piece, Hair Vine, Bridal Hair Accessory, Wedding Hair Accessory with leaves and pearls
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    White bridal hair piece featuring a hair vine with glass leaves and Swarovsk Pearls is elegant and divine. My bridal head pieces can be adjusted to fit your hairstyle by tweaking the wires. Gently twist the wire into position. My bridal hair accessory is approximately 11 inches long. This white hair vines is created with Czech Glass and White Swarovski Pearls and Crystals. The wire I used in this wedding hair accessory is silver plated. Should you desire a longer or shorter vine, a different color vine in the same design please contact me. I love to do special orders. Here are some more vines:
  • Blue Orange Flower Necklace, Bib Necklace, Vintage Style Jewelry, Spring Jewelry
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    Blue Orange Flower necklace is a bib necklace featuring tiny flowers in a cluster of light blue leaves surrounded by white leaves is lovely
  • Peach Jade Statement Necklace, Nature Inspired Woodland Necklace, Bib Necklace, Woodland Wedding
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    Peach Jade Statement necklace is a beautiful green and peach nature inspired necklace featuring pearls, coral and peach jade. The gemstones are offset by a gorgeous sculpted wire work that is reminiscent to vines and branches in the garden. measurement: 17" with a three inch extender chain for a total length of 20" chain: antique brass (non tarnish) clasp: handmade from brass colored wire. wire: permanently brass colored. to see similar necklaces:
  • Green Beaded Necklace, Bib Necklace, Flower Jewelry, Nature Jewelry
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    Green beaded necklace filled with leaves cascading over each other like a garden of beads. It is a beautiful bib necklace. This piece of flower jewelry is accented with small clusters of Swarovski pearls. My green beaded necklace is in a v shape. You can wear it similar to the photo of the bib necklace on the form. Or, wear is with the leaves draped around your neck. This leaf necklace is beautiful no matter how you wear it. I created this nature jewelry using a twisted wire technique which is my specialty. It is filled with Czech glass leaves and Swarovski Pearls. This green beaded necklace is a lovely bridal necklace. Your prince charming will be in awe when he seems you coming down the aisle. It is absolutely lovely wedding jewelry. Feel like a fairy princess when you wear this lovely style of a fairy jewelry. I like to store my twisted wire jewelry flat. I store mine in a quality git box. You will receive your nature jewelry in a similar box. It is a quality box suitable for gift giving. My flower jewelry is a great addition to your jewelry collection. The length is 17.5 20.5 inches. The clasp and chain are sterling silver. Sterling Silver wire has been used to attach the chain and clasp. The twisted wire section is a silver in a non tarnish silver plated wire. CPJ Item N 207. Here are other similar pieces to this green beaded necklace.
  • Golden Yellow Hair Vine, Hair Piece, Bridal Accessories, Wedding Hair Accessories
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    Golden yellow hair vine is whimsical in nature while delicate and romantic. Give your hair a crown of jewels with this beautiful piece of bridal accessories. I created my hair piece using glass from the Czech Republic along with pearls and crystals from Swarovski. Hair vines are very popular right now. They are a great alternative to a veil. This head piece is the perfect alternative for the bride and bridesmaids. It is also perfect for the prom too! This beautiful wedding hair accessory is 10 1/2 inches long. Created with silver plate wire. Special requests are always welcomed.
  • Teal Flower Necklace, Bib Necklace, Bridal Jewelry, Spring
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    Teal flower necklace is like a bouquet of jewels. Flowers created with beautiful beads of leaves and pearls. It is elegant, unique and very lovely. Perfect bridal jewelry. This is a beautiful bib necklace like non other. It is simply gorgeous.. The flower in my teal flower necklace was created with glass leaves from Czechoslovakia and Swarovski pearls in Tahitian and Bronze. ♦♦ Please note the separate photo of the pearls. These photos are the actual color of the pearls in the beaded necklace.♦♦ The clustering of leaves in this bib necklace was created by a twisted wire technique. The length of the beaded section of this gorgeous piece is five inches while the total length of the piece is 18 inches. I have used brass colored wire for all the twisting and to create the sweet and simple clasp. The chain is a non tarnish brass. CPJ item N182. To see a bracelet that matches this teal beaded necklace.
  • Purple Green Beaded Necklace, Amethyst Nature Inspired Necklace, Artisan Jewelry
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    Purple green beaded necklace is a unique amethyst nature inspired necklace featuring artistic vines and branches twisting and curling throughout. In my purple green beaded necklace a faceted amethyst sits center stage. The asymmetrical style adds intrigue into this enchanting piece of artisan jewelry. I created this bib necklace with amethyst and freshwater pearls using a twisted wire technique. Curling and twisting the vines and branches to mimic the vines in my garden gives it a look of nature jewelry or woodland jewelry. Lovely to for an enchanted faerie necklace. The length is 16 1/2 18 1/2 inches. The chain is antique brass by Vintaj while the clasp and wire work is brass colored art wire. CPJ Item N 246. To see similar pieces click on the links below:
  • Turquoise Beaded Necklace, Bib Necklace, Nature Jewelry, Leaf Necklace
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    Turquoise beaded necklace ~ the beauty of the garden can be seen in this bib necklace. Turquoise and teal leaves hang from the vine like leaves clinging to branches while gold pearls cling tightly. The bib is connected to a handmade pearls and vine chain. The leaves in my turquoise beaded necklace are from the Czech Republic. The pearls are Swarovski crystal pearls. I created this piece of nature jewelry using a twisted wire technique. ~~~~~~ Product details on my leaf necklace:~~~~~~ ♥ length is 19"-22" ♥ lobster claw clasp ♥ wire: Permanently gold colored copper wire To see more of my beaded necklaces:
  • Green Flower Statement Necklace, Bib Necklace, Spring Nature Jewelry, Bridal Jewelry with dangle earrings
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    Green flower statement necklace featuring glorious greens, blues whites and coral. The bib necklace is a stunning piece of spring nature

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